The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

24 June 2012

Dog Person

It's almost official that I've become one of 'those people'.
A dog person.
Judging by the number of pictures I've taken of this silly little mutt,
 this is how I could be described.
But who can resist this little ball of energy with ears bigger than his body and who snores and sleeps on his back?
You would give in, too.


06 June 2012

Puppy . . . and then there were EIGHT

Walter came home on Sunday.
And he brought a friend.
Her fancy name is Fur Elise, but folks in these parts are fond of calling her
It's a long story. 
What's even longer is how we ended up with eight puppies at our home.
This is how it seems to go with our family!

Walter and Ry

Walter chewing on shoes.  We didn't have to teach him this trick!

Walter and sis Liesy

Liesy on the attack.  Tarver was quite surprised.

Braden and Walter

Some of our foster puppies and their chew toys, Braden's shoes
I'm looking for good homes for six of these cuties.  Tonight.  And I'm telling you, this is an extremely fortunate time to have oodles of neighbor girls, because they have been amazing help in this time of puppy overload.  Did I mention we are only puppysitting until Sunday?  And looking for homes tonight.  Call me!