The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

14 January 2014

Knowing the difference...{looking for answers}

A question has been consuming me for the last several weeks.
I'm hoping my theologically-minded friends {those grounded in the Word of God} can help give me new food to chew on and pray over.

How does one know the difference between

 stepping out in faith
waiting on the Lord?

Farm down the road from a possible acreage at sunset
Something we have been praying about for years has availed itself of becoming a reality.
This something we have been praying about is a vision for our family which we believe the
 Lord has pressed into our hearts.
We've been watching and waiting.  For years.
It gets a little muddled in the fact that to jump on this opportunity we would be taking a financial risk in the form of debt.  We are crystal clear what the Word says about debt.  We have worked very hard, with the help of the Lord, to be free from the entanglement of debt.  So, does one continue to wait until the numbers say 'go for it' and we feel as though we wouldn't be infringing on the Lord's provision by not accumulating debt...or does one say 'we've been praying about this for years, the Lord will provide'?
I will tell you there is no peace in moving forward without closing the doors of this home behind us.  Who knows if this is our lack of faith or the answer to our prayer?
If you have wisdom to share we'd sure be grateful to hear it. 
For now I'm back to painting in the hopes of hanging a
 'For Sale' sign in front of our beloved little farm-in-the-city.

08 January 2014


I got a free lizard with the new table I ordered!