The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

22 September 2011

Puttin' Up {with the boys}

Yesterday, I asked Tarver to pick a few peppers from the garden.
He came in with a nice handful of bell peppers and approximately 4 quarts of jalapenos.
So. . .

We had a pepper eating contest.
Okay, not so.  The boys and I 'put up' pickled jalapenos last night.

So now, as a mother, I can rest assured that when they leave my kitchen someday and have yet to find a helper to run their own kitchens - their nachos will have no reason to fear store bought jalapenos.

My terrific sons even indulged me by waiting around for that rewarding 'pop' of the jars sealing after coming out of the hot water bath.  That's my favorite part of the whole process.

My new favorite part is having extra hands to share food preservation with.  These guys are great helpers and already so self sufficient.

21 September 2011

Garbage Fort

I love that they can make lemonade from lemons.  Mountains from molehills. 
Forts from smelly, sticky, yucky garbage containers.  And love it.
{except the inevitable bath night}
I keep trying to convince the grandparents in my children's lives that we really don't need any toys for Christmas.  I wonder if this picture will convince them?

19 September 2011

State Fair Field Trip

Grand Island, Nebraska
August 2011

{our class and  our principal!}

This is what happens when I let someone else carry the camera and disappear to go look at a display that does not include race cars, beef jerky or gigantic nitrogen bottles. 
Poor Langston - though he does look sorta cute in braids!

Why we don't let five-year olds have licenses - even if they were to drive with their Dads.  'Nuff said, look at that intense racing face!


A dream come true.  Hard to think of him really driving in a few short years.

Solar powered racers
One of our favorite stops - The Power Station.  Seems my husband can't really get away from work (though I am thankful he enjoys his job enough to chum around with fellow employees when he's off-the-clock!)
We spent


Electricity.  Fascinating.

Okay, pop quiz.  It is a school field trip after all.  What is cuter than a puppy?
Correct: A baby goat.  Even more correct:  Many baby goats.

Thank you for the reminder!  My kitchen would love to own this sign.

These two troopers experienced their first carnival ride together. 
These smiles made the $10 ride worth it.
{sort of}

And I got in on some of the ride action, too.  Love the scrambler - it's a classic.

14 September 2011

What Free Time Looks Like

There is a hint of Fall in the air and I just had to make something in anticipation -

 For our dining room, where we gather.

{I *may* have been a little zealous about this creative urge today, and just *may* have made one or more of these.  If you would like to know how to acquire one for the place where your loved ones gather, please let me know by e-mail or how to contact you through your comment.}

13 September 2011

A {boy} Riddle in Poetry

Written in the spirit of Samson (but scribbled down with the quality only a 2-minute poem could afford and void of any significance, Spiritual or otherwise.  Except a great laugh and thankfulness for living with such fun kids!)

Mom stops to take a call
Floridian telemarketer, that is all

Her young men
Laundry pile to tend

Have Science lessons on their minds
Distractions come up all the time!

A collision of
The three above

A new life form
Ry-man insect, not a worm!

Tell me now, can you see what happens when the phone rings in our home?  Yes, the older brothers turn the younger brother into an insect using the laundry they were supposedly folding - and call it homework.
{Love it!}

12 September 2011

The Latest Library Patron

Ryland is a proud, card carrying patron of the library these days.  We set a reading goal for him and he has excelled in his reading lessons and is now reading short, simple books - so he was able to acquire his very own library card last Friday.  It was a very big day for him!

So far we have used this book 'Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons' successfully with three of our four sons - each with different learning styles (!).  I have to say I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

We are all so proud of your accomplishment, Ryland!
Way to go!!

06 September 2011

License and Registration, please

It was only a matter of time before law enforcement officials caught wind of the speed records being broken on our bit of asphalt which we call 'the driveway'. Mr. Tim did a community well-being check the other day, perhaps on reports that there was a 5-year old breaking speed barriers and shrieking mercilessly 'Jimmy Johns - Freaky Fast Delivery', disturbing our peaceful community.

Alright, entertaining our peaceful community. 

 After generously handed out a warning and some badge stickers {which I am now finding all over the house: the dryer, dressers, books, pets and little brothers}, Mr. Tim made sure all was in order and headed off to rid our community of any threats or lurking bad guys.  The boys are pretty sure he catches bank robbers all day long and hands out stickers to cute little bike riders.  Quite an appealing job!  Ryland has now covered his bike {Rusty Jones} with State Patrol stickers and has pledged his life to a new duty: 
State Trooper.

So long, Jimmy Johns delivery boy.

Sorry, Gwen.  You will have to find a local number for that sandwich you are craving.  However, if you need someone to check your {beautiful-mugshot-of-a} Texas driver's license and ask for your registration, I think I have a future officer for you!

02 September 2011

Night at the Museum

Last weekend, our small town hosted a 'Night at the Museum'-  Free Admission to all of the town's museums {we have plenty of them!} and special projects at each destination.  Bob had taken the older boys on another wilderness Boy Scout weekend {or camping, for short} so the younger boys and I took advantage of the in town festivities at two of our favorite museums:
The Nebraska City Firefighter's Museum and
the G.A.R. Civil War Museum.  Enjoy some of the snapshots from our fun night out!

 I was so fearful my young battlefield medics were going to run their stretcher right through the priceless Civil War era stained glass window!

You can definitely say this one is somewhat of a Rebel!