The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

15 April 2013

Sad Lessons for Farm Boys

One of our hens has been having health issues and Sunday we made the decision to put her out of her misery.  It was a great learning opportunity for our sons with principles to discuss about stewardship, kindness and having to do hard things when we don't really want to.
Our youngest two were really excited about the possiblity of getting the hatchet out and for all we can guess didn't really understand the whole concept of what was about to happen.
Let's just say it was all fun and games until the head came off and they saw blood.
Then there was much wailing and tears and gnashing of teeth.
And blood and feathers.
Ryland, our-pastor-in-the-making, offered up a sweet prayer before the deed was done,
"Now I lay me down to sleep..."
Our littlest men were distraught and our oldest two were just all business as they helped to clean up and dig the hole.  Some of the cries from Ryland and Langston sounded like:
"I wish there was a heaven for chickens."
"Why did it have to be the Rhode Island Red?  That is my second favorite kind of chicken."
"Why did Adam have to sin?"
It was so sad I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but Ryland did ask me to take some pictures of the funeral.  I tried so hard not to laugh, really I did.
If you look closely you can see he wrote '2013 Good by' on the grave marker.

I'm not sure that this was really Henrietta but Ryland didn't think we should leave a grave marker blank so what's written is written.

Winter is hanging on with a vengeance in these parts and the only things blooming are weeds so we pulled some fresh weeds from the pea rows to mark the grave site, in lieu of flowers.

Seriously, this kills me.  It was so heart wrenching to see their despair but led to such a good conversation about eternity and the importance of knowing for certain that through Jesus our eternal destiny is secure.
It hurts a little bit less for these two today.  Mrs. Webster gave them some peppermint candies to ease their broken hearts and Ryland was so thankful that someone cared enough to "brighten his loss."
Farm sons.
{Our puppy better not ever die. Ever.}

13 April 2013

A Novelty: Sack Lunch

Kids' Conference happened over the past two days, which means sack lunches for the boys.
{so fun!}

World War II was the backdrop for the conference and Valor was the godly character quality being taught.  On the back flap of each lunch we honored the boys' Great Grandpa who is a WWII hero - and just a hero to us in general.
Such a fun time, but we are all very tired and ready to head to bed so we can be fresh for worship services in the morning.

09 April 2013


We spent Saturday helping out and enjoying an auction out at a dear friend's farm.
We ended up with a few pigs and sheep, this sweetheart is one of them.
Our older boys are going to show them at 4-H this summer.

Here's our Ry-man, shopping.
At an auction you always want to play it safe with 'game face'.  You wouldn't want the competition to drive up the price of the pork you really want- every six year old knows this, yes?

And our dear farmer friend.  Kind of scary the resemblance these two have.

Here are our oldest two working the pigs and sheep.  This is one of the greatest experiences of their lives!

I call this shot the 'First Baptist Fan Club'.  Everyone from our church sat in the same spot of the bleachers, it was pretty funny.

First pig - my littler guys LOVED listening to the auctioneer and scared me a few times by raising their hands.on.purpose. just to give their Mom a scare.  Nice.

Making small talk over the fence.  Overheard of my littlest trying to impress the female fence leaner, "You know there are over 500 pigs on this farm, don't you.  We're buying some.  I'm also planning on buying an army truck with camoflauge wheels.  It's going to take me a LONG time to clean those wheels when I get mud on them, but you have to do what you have to do."
Oh, brother.
Already trying to impress the ladies.  Gimme a break.

Ry-man still sporting the spurs from Auntie Laura, though the boots need to be replaced as he has worn holes in the bottom of them.

Walter's Dad, Jack, hanging out at the auction.

Tarver and Braden working a pen of sheep into the auction block.  They worked so hard this day and

And finally, the end of the day.  My baby boy {who is now 5'10" and 13, ahem.} driving this monstrosity of a machine to load up the bought goods with his proud Dad looking on.


Mmmm...spinach!  Our first harvest of the season.
I know it's only 1/8 of a pound - or 2 ounces if you want to make the numbers sound bigger,

But hopefully it will be the first of many this year.