The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

31 December 2010

a few favorites

In pictures
Some of our favorite pictures and heart-warming memories from the last year.

{Truth be told, I don't have all of our 2010 pictures uploaded from our camera to computer yet. . .a candidate for a New Year Goal in 2011? Perhaps that would be wise!}

Giving thanks in everything. . .
Happy New Year!

29 December 2010

Happy {3rd} Birthday!

Langston, our stubborn one, turned 3 yesterday. Although he's insisting he's not 3 yet, "Almost, Mommy, not yet." Stubborn is definitely a mild word for him, but fortunately we have already walked this road {ahem, Tarver} and walk with much more wisdom and patience and hope this time.
Langston is going through a train phase right now and so asked for a train cake for his birthday. Not too bad considering I had but a meager two hours to throw it together. Ryland helped me with the decorating while Braden and Tarver wrapped Langston's gift and made a birthday card for him. What would I do without my crew?

Bob came home from work and was immediately bombarded by squeals of excitement, "Daddy! A train cake! Come see my train cake! It's a train cake! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" and Langston dragged him through the house to see his cake. Then we departed for El Portal, as the birthday boy asked if we could have supper there. We didn't even have to think about that request!

A birthday quesadilla. . .

. . .and concern over the birthday ice cream that looked nothing like ice cream. He leaned over to Mom and remarked, "No thanks. I'll have my train cake instead."
So the brothers seized the opportunity to not let fried ice cream go to waste and helped Langston out with his fried ice cream. Again, we'd be lost without the help of everyone!

Added some fire to the train for excitement and danger and then threw in some happy birthday singing. . .

And opened some gifts while Mom cut the cake. A new truck from Gramma Carol. . .

Hand-me-down socks from Ryland {it was a last minute gift, literally!} and a pipe cleaner frog from Tarver.

So, now that Langston is three of course Granpa thought he can handle a Swiss Army knife. At least they came with safety glasses! We did have to confiscate the real hammer after he took a practice swing at the top of the table. Perhaps Granpa will be sending sand paper for repairs in the next box?

Me, hammer on the table? Not cute, innocent me?

Some space toys for our space ranger.

An electronic US map from Auntie Laura. . .

A birthday card from Great Gramma and Great Grampa. . .

And a "Big Heavy!" bag of clementines {along with bubblegum, crackers and gummy bears!} from the Booths.
It was a fun day of festivities. And now I am going to go cry my eyes out that my baby is 3!