The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

27 December 2010

Christmas, at our house. . .

{7:34 a.m.} Before the little ones awake. . .

On your marks. . . Get set. . .

Go! {Stockings first, then breakfast, then our Bible reading and then the gifts under the tree.}

To most of us, the above package appears to be full of straws. To our Ry-man? "Whoa!! Look at all the blow guns!" Followed by a what-in-the-world-were-you-thinking look from Ryland's Dad directed towards Ryland's Mom.

Any other four-year olds out there ask for a Turbo Snake for Christmas? Anyone?

Who else but Ry would get wrapping paper stuck to his derriere?

To cut down on spending and having way more than what we could ever want or need, the boys each draw a name to buy for. Braden bought for Langston and thought he would LOVE this wooden car carrier. He was so right.

Tarver drew Ryland's name and found some Toy Story 3 Legos. Big hit, huge.

Langston bought for Tarver {with a bit of help from his mom and} and found this fun Lego set.

Tarver found a science experiment on how to turn milk and vinegar into plastic and made Braden a homemade guitar pick. Another huge hit!

My little Ry-man got a wild idea about getting Mom a pink BB gun. Apparently this caused much angst for Ryland's Dad, but somehow they pulled it off. I was so surprised and so happy and I cannot wait to take down some bunnies munching on my garden this summer.

Call me Annie Oakley if you'd like. I spent a good portion of Christmas Evening target shooting, despite my eyelids freezing and not being able to feel my fingers. I am now fully addicted to blowing things up. Perhaps the side-effects of being in a testosterone driven home are coming to the surface. Don't worry - I don't need therapy. Just send more BBs, please!

Braden and Langston went together to find a welding rod storage container for Dad.

Braden secretly made bolas {see the American Boy's Handy Book for inspiration!} for Tarver and we were all touched by the homemade gift. I love these gifts that are heart-prompted.

Ryland drew Braden's name and picked out a really great watch for his biggest brother. Another huge hit.

The balls and puppy are gifts for our school room. Read all about how these new 'chairs' will help my boys concentrate on math during the dreaded winter months at Timberdoodle.

New Tinker Toys for the young ones from Auntie Laura.

Umm. . .apparently the Tinker Toy set now comes with plastic parts. My what an imagination this youngster has. {Go ahead and let out an "EWWW! GROSS!" I sure did, after I took the picture, of course. Thought Auntie Laura would like to see what the boys are up to with their new gift!}

A new coat from the boys for Dad.

Tinker Toys in proper use.

Christmas morning concert - Angels We Have Heard on High.

The older boys got a bunch of tools from Auntie Laura. Oh, yeah!

Nerf gun to terrorize mom with, thanks Auntie Laura!

Tarver found some pellets for Dad and his pellet gun. I'm pretty sure the pink gun shoots straighter. In any case, bunnies beware!

Auntie Laura had an idea that Langston really likes Thomas. After opening this train engine, he was not interested in opening much more. He sat on the floor and played trains
oblivious to anything else.
Ryland wanted to give Dad gloves.

A baguette pan for Hollie from Laura.

We got second-by-second reports on the time from Braden throughout the morning, and afternoon. And evening. And day after Christmas, and. . .

Tarver made us foil ornaments. So sweet! He said he had saved foil from our Sunday leftovers {homemade pizza} for over a month to make these. I squeaked a tear after hearing that.

My Mom made this beautiful stitchery for our home.

The aftermath - 2:21 p.m.

Real conductor caps along with different railroad patches for the youngsters from Granpa Bill {along with a box full of great curiosities.}

And at the end of the night, we light a candle and sing in gratitude to The Light whose birth all this crazy celebration is supposed to be about.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Looks like a terrific Christmas, where everyone got what they wanted. :) I love my watch too, Braden. ;)
    On a side cousins (who you know, Mrs. F) also got a bunch of Nerf guns for Christmas and brought them to Grandpa and Grandma's. The battles fought there were truly amazing. ;) All the uncles were mobbed at seperate times by gun-bearing nephews all yelling. ;) It was fun.