The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

30 September 2010

how beautiful, the feet. . .

"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, "Your God reigns."
-Isaiah 52:7

Ryland has been begging to go on his first missions trip for months now. He is four and has a world-sized heart for missions. We came to a compromise, due to his age, that he could begin his missions work in our neighborhood {rather than flying to Papua New Guinea just now}. He wasted no time. While his older brothers were busy doing long-division the other morning, Ryland was assembling and illustrating a notebook to share The Good News of salvation with our neighbors. He drew pictures of Adam and Eve and asked for help in drawing a dinosaur.

"Ry, I don't remember the Bible mentioning a dinosaur in this particular story?"

"Oh, Mom, don't you know? God created everything. Even dinosaurs. I want everyone to know that so I'm drawing a dinosaur."

In the words of The Savior, The Creator of the very ground you are standing on right now:

"Unless you be converted and become as little children you shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven." -Matthew 18:3

My children have much to teach their mother. Thankful, humble. When my son comes to your door, will you let him in?

27 September 2010

Because we can-

And because we should.

And because January is just around the corner.

And because we are grateful for what God has given us. . .
An art lesson/scavenger hunt/team building lesson took place this afternoon.

What things are you doing to appreciate and observe the outdoors? What imprints are you leaving on the hearts of those you love?

26 September 2010


We are closing in on the 1/6th mark of completion of our school year- already! I love to take pictures of what we are working on not only because our educational endeavors are such a big part of our life but also so we can look back some day at all that was accomplished within the walls of our home. Enjoy a snapshot of the last two weeks in our home- please be sure to scroll down to the bottom and see our attempts at recreating the Maori haka - the war challenge of the Native Maori of New Zealand.

I know of no other preschool in our vicinity where a flight suit and football helmet would be permitted as part of the dress code. I'm sure this costume is helping with the good grades!

Concentration. . .

Watercolor and imagination were the purpose in this week's art lesson. I'm not sure if the older brothers were inspired by Ry-man's flight suit or if it was the art lesson that inspired the little brother, but fighter jets seemed to be a common theme in our home last week.

Ry wanted to imagine he was a pilot and painted a fighter jet that can sit 10-people.

Tarver, too, painted a picture of several fighter jets.

We take our studies very seriously.

Artistic Pursuits the art book that is working well for my family right now.

Our favorite Rod & Staff preschool books. Feather pen not included, you have to find the turkey feather yourself and have the presence of mind to be inspired by Thomas Jefferson. Okay, what I mean to communicate is: Four-year old son with a passion for history and a monstrous imagination not included.

Science. We were learning about our lungs and if there really is something happening to the air when it goes into our lungs. {By the way, the study of the human body is absolutely fascinating! Remarkable how God created our bodies.} I let the boys use my best shopping bags for this experiment. I pull out all stops when it comes to education.

Let's see, this would be career day for the preschool bunch. Here we are trying out the profession of bucket-head-police-Navy seal-pizza delivering. A variation of this costume appears frequently throughout the days- I think it might be sticking!

Tarver spent a lot of time in the kitchen over the last couple of weeks. Here he is whipping up a batch of Lamingtons inspired by our study of Australia.

And here he displays his New Zealand project: Pavlova.

For Ryland's New Zealand project he decided to show off what he learned about the Maori. He was particularly fascinated with their battle traditions and challenges- they beat their chests and stick out their tongues as a means of challenge.

He did it well and earned all points possible for his research project.
{For his Australia project he demonstrated his Australian accent with a rousing rendition of "G'day, mate!"}

My two little Maori wanna-bes.

Saying good-bye to New Zealand with a family Maori challenge.
What will Antarctica bring us this week?

20 September 2010

If ever a yellow school bus. . .

. . .should happen into our family, this would be the one.

And this would be the one Ryland would choose to arrive to study time in. Shocking, I know.

{The guys enjoying a Sunday afternoon stroll at the car show while Mom enjoyed some much needed quietness back on the homefront.}

18 September 2010

Best dressed Husky fan

I liken this day to one in which my sons are playing football on opposite teams and I am forced to choose which son to cheer for.

Is there such a thing as riding the fence when it comes to these matters?

Today, my home team is playing my home team. I have been fretting about this all week long. {Apparently I have had nothing better to do.} But for those of you reading this who are not Nebraskans, you have no idea what Nebraska football is and means to Nebraska citizens. On game days, it's almost as if everyone is headed to the same church service or family reunion. Tradition, loyalty and honor rank high when it comes to Nebraska football, and I am proud to call myself a Husker fan.

Except, when they play my other favorite team, the Washington Huskies. My once-upon-a-time-in-a-land-far-away-and-when-I-was-young-and-before-I-had-stretch-marks favorite team.

It's going to be an interesting day. And I will be happy either way as far as the game goes. Our family is grateful to our friends who have *very, very graciously* invited us to wear our purple shirts today. {Again, if you are not a Nebraskan-ite you have no idea how HUGE of a gracious gesture this is.} It will just be fun to spend this chilly fall day in the home of friends and eating bean dip and tortilla chips together.

This youngster, my youngster, has been waiting for game day for a very long time now. And he is ready to go. He is somewhat confused about who he is, though, as he has been running through the house chanting "Go Washington Huskers!" {Perhaps this is the answer to my team dilemma!}

My oldest son, who is Nebraska born and whose blood does run Nebraska red, told me that after today "I'm going to work harder on being a Nebraska fan, Mom." I suppose this day couldn't have been helped, we knew it was coming.

LOVING the tie with your football gear, Ry. No matter what side you are cheering for, I vote you best dressed fan today. I cannot get enough of you, kiddo!
And Gramma, the reason why you couldn't get in touch with us last night was because we were on a date night in Lincoln with friends Mike & Jenny. It's been a busy week and I have had to leave my computer off for a few days so I can take care of priorities in our home. I'll call soon! For now, I have bean dip to make and a purple shirt to put on before 2:30!
Happy Game Day!

11 September 2010


Here is a small glimpse into the world of home-making on a Saturday in my home.

{It had to be a small glimpse, or I wouldn't have gotten anything done other than pictures and we would be hungry, naked and walking on dirty floors otherwise!}
{Flying the colors on this anniversary day. Remembering 9-years ago, when our entire world was shaken, turned upside down. Thinking, what is it going to take for our country to truly experience revival? What more will it take for us to sincerely seek the face of our God and turn to Him in humility, repentance and dependance?}

{Watching through windows, my young men playing}

{Soaking in the cuteness of our almost-3 'babe'}

{Baking for the feeding of family and friends}



{Air drying}

{Grinding, for the baking}

{Harvesting and collecting}

{the picture of me Visiting with my sweet neighbor girls this afternoon}

{Cleaning, for the sake of fire-fighting}

I seriously have this uncanny knack for starting real, flaming fires in my oven when I cook a frozen pizza. Uncanny. I can make homemade bread, peach pies, almost anything- but when it comes to a frozen pizza, FLAME-ON!


{Not!! That's for Sunday}


{Teaching & Training}

{Cooking for Feeding}


{For Remembering}


{Pausing, Bowing & Thanking}





{Preparing yogurt for eating in the morning}

{Anticipating rest- tomorrow is Sunday, our day of rest and worship}

'Work is glory.

Work is sweat in harvest fields--

The royal right to ask for bread.

Work teaches sleep to slumber undisturbed,

And scorns to beg or steal...'

"A Requiem for Love"
Calvin Miller