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2Samuel 22:47

06 September 2010

What would you do if. . .

you inherited an island in the Pacific Ocean and the only stipulation of your inheritance was that you had to design it to be an island resort?

This was the task given to my boys for their first official project of the school year. They had a list of requirements they were graded on and I'm happy to report they more than achieved every single requirement.

Even Ryland got on board with the assignment. Of course, he designed approximately 30 different islands and my basement is littered with scenes from the South Pacific right now.

{Braden's island}

{Tarver's island}

{Ryland giving us a tour of his island, microphone and all}

{Langston looking over his brother's work}

{Langston taking center stage during Tarver's presentation}

{Yeah, I know I'm funny!}

{Tarver's presentation}

{And Ryland, squeezing out every second of the stage he can.}
This year our studies are centering around the Eastern Hemisphere as we jump into Sonlight's Core 5.
We have now left the Pacific Islands and will be traveling through the history and people of Australia for the next two weeks.


  1. What a fun, creative idea!!! We just left Antarctica (brrrr) and after a brief World Geography Review, we're sailing for Europe. :)

  2. Ooh, Europe sounds like a much more hospitable environment than Antarctica!

    We'll be heading towards Asia after Australia so it's not looking good that our paths will cross. Perhaps Africa?

  3. They don't teach this in public schools anymore. History is what you did yesterday!!! lol. We have relatives that live in Australia. The family of two boys went over in the 1800. One was a writer and wrote some very interesting things for the paper. I am proud of my gg sons. Too bad it isn't on U tube. Keep up the good work. Love Gramma

  4. This is Great. I have 4 Islands to visit, complete with resorts.Thanks boys!Luv,GranpaBill

  5. This is so,so,soooo great! What a fantastic idea!

    {And Langston is so cute it's unreal!!}

    Hope you're well friend.