The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

27 May 2012

Cute Faces

A few of the friends I've had the opportunity to hang out with the past couple of weeks . . .

18 May 2012

Outnumbered for the Sixth Time . . . Another Boy for our Family

Only this time our boy is the puppy type.
Introducing . . . Walter.
Walter Kirby if you want to get fancy about full names {we named him after a distant relative, ahem.}

Walter won't be ready to come home for a couple more weeks but thankfully we'll get to visit on an almost daily basis.  Hopefully that will give me enough time to figure out just what in the world to do with a puppy.

Because my life just isn't busy enough as it is . . .

We can hardly wait to bring him home!

16 May 2012

Pictoral Definition: Farmer's Tan

Yes, it's that bad.
And yes, it's not even officially summer yet.
I fear the beach . . .

14 May 2012

Summer Break - Bring it on!

 We are officially on Summer Break - which means that the yard chores increase but the hours of structured schooling decrease.  {Yes, we still have lessons during the summer.} Nothing like a little slip-n-slide party to celebrate today!

Thank you, Gramma Carol, for the fun playground equipment!

07 May 2012

A Visit From the Wild West

Family flew in from way out west for an incredibly fun {and way too short!} visit.
While Auntie Heidi played . . .

Gramma Carol made herself at home at the sewing machine.
Yes, my personal fashion designer flies from Seattle to make me new clothes!

Thanks Mom and Heidi for a wonderful visit . . . we weren't five minutes from the airport when Langston asked, "When will they come back again?"

01 May 2012


Our sweet neighbor, Shirley, came down to cash in on some May-day kisses this morning, and with her brought this lovely bouquet of Peonies.

I wish you could smell these - trust me when I say they are heavenly!

How fun to be on the receiving end of a May-basket this year - especially from treasured neighbors who also happen to be Master Gardeners.


Happy May Day!
{the boys are SO happy to report no one was caught delivering May-flowers . . . no kisses for these big guys!}