The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

29 July 2012

Little Minuteman

It's too hot to be outside today, so we are staying in and listening to Johnny Tremain
on CD.  Ryland always gets fully into character.

{Revolutionary clothes compliments of Gramma Carol and the musket a product of imagination and a bucket of Tinker Toys.}

27 July 2012

They are Speed, too

Chips off ye ole block.

{all photo credits to Mr. Kyle, our wonderful family assistant}

Look, Mom, no hands!

Clear Lake

Giving the thumbs up for "Faster"

Fifty weeks, one day.  The countdown is in full swing for Family Camp 2013!

25 July 2012

Speed. I am Speed.

We had just *a bit* of fun in Michigan.

Many thanks to Kyle for these awesome pictures, Luke for disregarding my husband's desire to not go fast enough to tip, Sarah for keeping my babies safe in the boat while we were playing and the D family for praying for us from the beach.

Just 354 days until we can do it again . . . can't wait.

22 July 2012

Here We Were

Our hearts are still lingering . . .

11 July 2012

Future Aspirations

A recent conversation between Ryland and a young lady named Emma:

"Those are nice spurs there, Ryland.  Do you want to be a cowboy when you grow up?"

"Aw, no.  I'm fixin' on being a bachelor."

"A bachelor???"


"Why do you think you'll be a bachelor?"

"Because I'm already six and I haven't found one girl who I'd even think would make a good wife!"

02 July 2012