The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

25 February 2011

Have it your way*

* (Disclaimer: Have it your way only if you live in Nebraska and only in regards to quickly changing weather this week. Otherwise, this offer is completely null and void. Sorry!)

You can have sunshine and warm air one day, playing in the great outdoors. . .

Throwing sticks for your neighbor dog. . .

Helping Mom clean out the garden beds. . .

Enjoying Industrial Arts class outside. . .

Or using Industrial Arts as a community service project in the warm sunshine. You can have it both ways this time!

(Our oldest sons had an opportunity to help our neighbor shingle the AMAZING Hobbit Playhouse he built to auction off at his children's school fundraiser this weekend. You can tell how bummed they were about working outdoors with power tools, can't you?)

Or, you can wait just a few hours and voila -

Apparently in our state, you don't need to compromise. You can sometimes have Spring and Winter from one day to the next.

Let's review:
Wednesday - Sunny and in the 60s.
Thursday - 5 Inches of snow
Nebraska: Have it your way *

23 February 2011


President's Day is a pretty special holiday in our home. One of our sons is a huge fan of George Washington- in fact, when he was 2-years old he went through a months-long phase where he truly believed he was G.W. He only answered to 'George' and was quick to tell anyone and everyone he was the first president of the United States and the General of the Continental Army. It was hard to leave the house with him at times.

Besides just being a day in which we celebrate some pretty great role models, we think a lot about how God has blessed our country with some outstanding leaders and we give thanks.

Tarver started our morning off with a steaming potful of 'Presidential Porridge'. It's his special recipe containing rolled oats, pumpkin puree, chopped cranberries and some secret spices. It is so good- fit for a president!

Ryland dressed in character, which isn't abnormal at all. The exception: we couldn't find his hatchet so he had to make-do with a chainsaw. We're just calling it the modern day version of George Washington.

To end our day we made a cherry pie with fresh/frozen cherries, picked last June from one of our favorite farms just south of our home.

Celebrating the good things in life with my boys - so good.
"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action." -George Washington

14 February 2011

Love {ly} Afternoon

Spent with the ladies
{of the younger variety}
Making cards for special Valentine someones
Oh, how this does my heart good!
Thank you.

Celebrating the Love

{Our night in backwards order since I forgot to load my pictures correctly. Sorry- it's been one of those days!}

Celebrating bedtime with a little Maori war challenge. Lessons from the South Pacific that just.won't.die. Oh, how I love these goof balls!

A *little* triple layer cake to wash the decaf Starbucks down with.

Lemons from Auntie Laura in Arizona. How sweet!! Or sour, just ask Ryland.

A special dinner for my favorite Valentines. . .Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Caesar Salad and Caramel Whipped Cream Cake {with heart sprinkles. . .}

Celebrating the Love!
Happy Valentine's Day.

10 February 2011


Perhaps I forgot to mention that an important part of our family went MIA just over a week ago. {Don't worry, Gramma, it wasn't one of the boys!} Somehow, Langston lost his snuggle pal, Wubby. It was sort of a rough week but he was brave through the ordeal and I tried to be brave, too. As much as I hate the thumb-sucking that comes along with the Wubby, the displays of affection were hard to resist. This momma is sometimes a bit emotional about things.

Langston came into our room the first night, fighting tears. He stood at the foot of our bed and said, "I miss my Wubby so very much." That was it, then he left and went back to bed. The last few days he's been asking less and less of Wubby's whereabouts. {My husband was thrilled that Wubby was finally gone. He's not a fan of snugglies and was relieved to see Langston cross another threshold of growing up. Sob.}

While looking for garden seed this afternoon, I found Wubby buried in the bottom of the costume bucket. {Please don't ask why I was looking for garden seed in the vicinity of our costume bucket.} I quickly washed Wubby and then set him in the middle of the floor so Langston and Wubby could be reunited after naptime {and before hubby got home. . .}

Look at the smile! Can't you just hear the chorus of bells proclaiming the newest member of the Mom-of-the-year club? {Have I finally made it?}

Smelling Wubby. . .

My heart is melting. I can't stand how cute this moment was and am so glad I caught it in pixels. We'll love looking back on this stage someday when Wubby is living in a rubbermaid container on purpose because this little guy has grown out of him.

This has nothing to do with Wubby, but I wanted to remember that Langston is and has been our one-sock bandit this winter. He is always without a sock, or with only a sock. However you look at the world.

Oops, there goes the thumb again.

An impromptu nap, just in case Wubby forgot how good it used to be.

Little feet growing up so quickly.

08 February 2011

It should be. . .

Required reading for all elected officials.


This economics book is a seriously good read- and a necessary read, in my humble opinion. This is a book on ethics, economics, world history and American history all in one. I cannot recommend it highly enough - please check it out from your local library {and if they don't have it then request they order it in, such as we have.} After reading it, you'll probably want to have it in your own home library and maybe you'll want to send copies to your friends, family and perhaps even your Mayor or Congressman.
We just finished it as a part of our History studies and it was amazing. My 9 and 11-yr olds were bummed when we finished it, it's that good. If they can understand economics, well shouldn't we all?
Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? by Richard J. Maybury

05 February 2011


I thought it was about time for a new family picture for our wall. This is how we do our family photos- crayons, paper and a four-year old artist. Yes, we're cheap.

But you have to admit, it's pretty cute. Even when we end up looking a bit grumpy and we are missing arms. When you aren't willing to pay big bucks you have to compromise somewhere.

This is the new {improved? We have arms this time!} version of our family portrait. Looks like we have a bit of a French flair happening, with the beard and handlebar moustache on my husband and brilliant red dress on me. It's not called art without a reason!

Plus, I'm okay with red. Especially when it makes my waistline look this trim!

04 February 2011

it's a family thing

{Unexpected card in my mailbox today}
Handmade by my Auntie Sue.
You should meet my incredibly talented family. . .all of them.
Oh, how I love to get unexpected notes! What a blessing.

02 February 2011

An Afternoon Spent

with Friends
Working on Valentine cards. . .

Sowing our creative oats with Ryland going the route of a crazy monkey and Braden opting for an old-fashioned truck. . .

Tarver taking the traditional pink-and-red {and green} route. . .

Ellie's creativity abounds. . .

Serious work going on. . .

Chloe lets her glitter dry. . .

I had a chance to exercise my creative muscles as well, though I had to do this last night after my munchkins were tucked in. . .

After all that work, a little snackage is in order. . .

Bowls of {homemade} caramel popcorn with heart sprinkles, the one time of year I get to use my heart sprinkles!

Our official marshmallow tester wakes up from his nap just in time for snack!

Steaming mugs of cocoa { it's seriously cold here! }

The end.