The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

25 February 2011

Have it your way*

* (Disclaimer: Have it your way only if you live in Nebraska and only in regards to quickly changing weather this week. Otherwise, this offer is completely null and void. Sorry!)

You can have sunshine and warm air one day, playing in the great outdoors. . .

Throwing sticks for your neighbor dog. . .

Helping Mom clean out the garden beds. . .

Enjoying Industrial Arts class outside. . .

Or using Industrial Arts as a community service project in the warm sunshine. You can have it both ways this time!

(Our oldest sons had an opportunity to help our neighbor shingle the AMAZING Hobbit Playhouse he built to auction off at his children's school fundraiser this weekend. You can tell how bummed they were about working outdoors with power tools, can't you?)

Or, you can wait just a few hours and voila -

Apparently in our state, you don't need to compromise. You can sometimes have Spring and Winter from one day to the next.

Let's review:
Wednesday - Sunny and in the 60s.
Thursday - 5 Inches of snow
Nebraska: Have it your way *


  1. That's classic Nebraska for you. ;)

  2. Freaky weather!! What did the boys like..sun or snow?? Looks like they had fun both days. Love Gramma

  3. Ugh. I think you know my opinion on this subject already. :0)

  4. I think Nebraska and Washington (at least Olympia) are in cahoots, then. I brought out my springy skirts a couple weeks ago, and then snowsuits this past week.

    The hobbit house looks great! And yes, I'm sure using power tools is just TORTURE! : )

    (and no, I don't sympathize you getting 4 boys to pose for pictures!! But at least they're willing to smile sometimes. Mine? Mr. Serious! And wow, congrats on 15 years!! I can't believe it's been that long! I LOVED playing for your wedding. Definitely my favorite music!)

  5. Boys and power tools - they never outgrow that. :)

    And weather changes? That's what we've marveled at here in Dallas - it will be down in the 30s/40s overnight (temperatures that our weatherman calls "Arctic"!) and by noon it will be in the 70s. I know, I know, such suffering we endure. :)

    Enjoy the snow - my kids are jealous!