The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

10 February 2011


Perhaps I forgot to mention that an important part of our family went MIA just over a week ago. {Don't worry, Gramma, it wasn't one of the boys!} Somehow, Langston lost his snuggle pal, Wubby. It was sort of a rough week but he was brave through the ordeal and I tried to be brave, too. As much as I hate the thumb-sucking that comes along with the Wubby, the displays of affection were hard to resist. This momma is sometimes a bit emotional about things.

Langston came into our room the first night, fighting tears. He stood at the foot of our bed and said, "I miss my Wubby so very much." That was it, then he left and went back to bed. The last few days he's been asking less and less of Wubby's whereabouts. {My husband was thrilled that Wubby was finally gone. He's not a fan of snugglies and was relieved to see Langston cross another threshold of growing up. Sob.}

While looking for garden seed this afternoon, I found Wubby buried in the bottom of the costume bucket. {Please don't ask why I was looking for garden seed in the vicinity of our costume bucket.} I quickly washed Wubby and then set him in the middle of the floor so Langston and Wubby could be reunited after naptime {and before hubby got home. . .}

Look at the smile! Can't you just hear the chorus of bells proclaiming the newest member of the Mom-of-the-year club? {Have I finally made it?}

Smelling Wubby. . .

My heart is melting. I can't stand how cute this moment was and am so glad I caught it in pixels. We'll love looking back on this stage someday when Wubby is living in a rubbermaid container on purpose because this little guy has grown out of him.

This has nothing to do with Wubby, but I wanted to remember that Langston is and has been our one-sock bandit this winter. He is always without a sock, or with only a sock. However you look at the world.

Oops, there goes the thumb again.

An impromptu nap, just in case Wubby forgot how good it used to be.

Little feet growing up so quickly.


  1. How sweet. :) I'm sure Langston will be forever grateful that you found it! :) Such sweet smiles!

  2. Oh how sweet. What a happy look on his face when he saw his Wubby on the floor. How precious~~Thanks for sharing this with us. Gramma

  3. So very sweet - aren't you glad you had your camera ready??! Our Kate now insists on dragging her "bankie" all over the house. Maybe I should attach a Swiffer to it....