The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

24 August 2011

Wild, Free and Two-Wheelin'

*Breaking News! * Ryland has finally decided that he can ride a bike without training wheels.
It has been a big lifestyle change for our family.
This big man went from crying hysterically about riding two wheels to literally, within 10 minutes of "try it just one more time", jumping curbs.
Riding down steep hills through grassy terrain into the wilderness
and surviving to tell about it.
And then doing it again so he can perfect for his Dad's audience.
Riding no-hands
And pulling wheelies.

I,  on the other hand, have learned how to look the other way while cheering for Ry.
Except when taking pictures.
And putting my hands over my eyes in a very motherly way.


Ryland has encouraged a love of wheels in his littlest brother, though we are still a ways off from freeing up the training wheels on this little rider. {thankfully}


We are so proud of your stick-to-it-iveness, Ryland.
And scared that you have declared your life's mission to become a Jimmy John's driver
on your bike
whom {which} you have affectionately named Rusty Jones.
{seriously, what is this kid about anyway?}
I love how you circle the street, jumping the curb all the while practicing your life's motto:
"Jimmy John's here.  Freaky Fast Delivery!"

I also love how you have shared your heart with me this week, declaring:
"Mom, I love God best. I know I do.  But next to God, I really,really love my bike."

21 August 2011

Out of the mouth of babes - A Revelation. . .

"Mom!  You look like a girl!"

{Gee, thanks for noticing!}

17 August 2011

A Tale of Two Kindergarteners

A conversation overheard by a camera-bearing Momma at the end of the cul-de-sac last evening:

"I can count the highest of anyone in my class."
"Yeah.  I already count to 100."
"Whoa!  That's really high, Jenna.  Did you 'skip-a-few' when you counted?"
"Yeah.  I'm thinking of counting to a million next time."
"Yeah. One, two, skip-a-few, a million. That's really high!"

{Love this age!}

15 August 2011

Hitting the Books 2011/2012

Today marked the beginning of our newest academic year.  We always know it is time to resume our full-time studies when the hydrangea by our front door begins to bloom.  This is the first year we've had a guest student for the first week - we are thrilled to have our good friend, Grant, join us for a few days.

First Day of School - Roll Call!

Stony Harbor Christian Academy Students 2011-2012

 The boys all had a turn at Target to pick out a new outfit for the first day.  Ironically, Ryland picked out a Star Wars shirt and camo pants for his first day of Kindergarten, just as Braden did for his first 'K' day many years ago!  The brotherhood similarities are freakily strong at times.

The Leader - our 6th Grader

Second in Command - the 5th Grader

New to the business of assigned grades but thrilled nonetheless - our Kindergartner

Bringing up the rear - the Preschool class

09 August 2011

Scenes from a Home School Planning Day

My wonderful husband, also known as Dad and 'The Principal' around here,
gave me an afternoon to do some lesson planning for our upcoming educational year.
It was a wonderful day.
Planning, organizing, inhaling the scent of new books and supplies -
definitely my love language.

So excited to get back into Kindergarten books!

He even ordered in a Starbucks latte' for my planning day!  My husband is also known as barista around here, too, so maybe ordering in isn't exactly how it happened.  But it did happen, that's the important point. A man of many talents he is and it was Starbucks that he delivered as I was sequestered in our guest-room-turned-office.
Sonlight Core G for the older guys - latte not included!

Our normal 'school' routine starts back up this coming Monday and we are all very excited about the things we'll be studying this year.  Once the new posters are hung, all 241 new Ticonderoga pencils sharpened and the books lined up in a pleasing manner I'll be sure to take pictures for a mini-tour of our school room.  Until then, I've got some pencil sharpening to do. . .

02 August 2011

Say. . .B.L.T.!

This beauty fed us well - there is a reason why this is called a Gold Medal tomato!

{Psst. . .Gwen, thank you for showing me how to make my pictures bigger and clearer!}