The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

24 August 2011

Wild, Free and Two-Wheelin'

*Breaking News! * Ryland has finally decided that he can ride a bike without training wheels.
It has been a big lifestyle change for our family.
This big man went from crying hysterically about riding two wheels to literally, within 10 minutes of "try it just one more time", jumping curbs.
Riding down steep hills through grassy terrain into the wilderness
and surviving to tell about it.
And then doing it again so he can perfect for his Dad's audience.
Riding no-hands
And pulling wheelies.

I,  on the other hand, have learned how to look the other way while cheering for Ry.
Except when taking pictures.
And putting my hands over my eyes in a very motherly way.


Ryland has encouraged a love of wheels in his littlest brother, though we are still a ways off from freeing up the training wheels on this little rider. {thankfully}


We are so proud of your stick-to-it-iveness, Ryland.
And scared that you have declared your life's mission to become a Jimmy John's driver
on your bike
whom {which} you have affectionately named Rusty Jones.
{seriously, what is this kid about anyway?}
I love how you circle the street, jumping the curb all the while practicing your life's motto:
"Jimmy John's here.  Freaky Fast Delivery!"

I also love how you have shared your heart with me this week, declaring:
"Mom, I love God best. I know I do.  But next to God, I really,really love my bike."


  1. Okay, now I'm hungry for a Jimmy John's sandwich!!! Way to go, Ryland! :)

  2. Way to go Ryland! You're a wild and crazy guy and I want to party with you!!! I'll bring the ice cream and cookies
    See you soon Luv Granpa Bill

  3. Grampa Bill said it right~ You are a wild and crazy little guy. You make for good entertainment. Love Gramma