The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

27 September 2010

Because we can-

And because we should.

And because January is just around the corner.

And because we are grateful for what God has given us. . .
An art lesson/scavenger hunt/team building lesson took place this afternoon.

What things are you doing to appreciate and observe the outdoors? What imprints are you leaving on the hearts of those you love?


  1. Langston's drawing sure is an interesting one. And are you still hoping to post pictures of the football game you watched a week ago?

  2. Fine young men they be. Luv Gbill

  3. Charity- they are rocks, can you tell? :-)

    Oh, the football game. That football game. I will have to squeeze those pictures in sometime this week. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Ooooh - that picture of careful fingers amidst the thorns is such a good one. Very descriptive without words!!

    We have nature sketchbooks for each of the older children, but I'm ashamed to admit we haven't used them since late spring/early summer. So THANK YOU for the reminder - I will pull them out and we will do them today!!

  5. Wonderful pictures!! What a great homeschool day - especiall for BOYS, so much to learn in the great outdoors!

  6. I can see they have a good foundation~ that is what they need to build on.LVU Gramma

  7. I love the picture of the grasshopper! If you ever find a praying mantis please send a picture. I have not found one this fall but I did last fall.