The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

26 September 2010


We are closing in on the 1/6th mark of completion of our school year- already! I love to take pictures of what we are working on not only because our educational endeavors are such a big part of our life but also so we can look back some day at all that was accomplished within the walls of our home. Enjoy a snapshot of the last two weeks in our home- please be sure to scroll down to the bottom and see our attempts at recreating the Maori haka - the war challenge of the Native Maori of New Zealand.

I know of no other preschool in our vicinity where a flight suit and football helmet would be permitted as part of the dress code. I'm sure this costume is helping with the good grades!

Concentration. . .

Watercolor and imagination were the purpose in this week's art lesson. I'm not sure if the older brothers were inspired by Ry-man's flight suit or if it was the art lesson that inspired the little brother, but fighter jets seemed to be a common theme in our home last week.

Ry wanted to imagine he was a pilot and painted a fighter jet that can sit 10-people.

Tarver, too, painted a picture of several fighter jets.

We take our studies very seriously.

Artistic Pursuits the art book that is working well for my family right now.

Our favorite Rod & Staff preschool books. Feather pen not included, you have to find the turkey feather yourself and have the presence of mind to be inspired by Thomas Jefferson. Okay, what I mean to communicate is: Four-year old son with a passion for history and a monstrous imagination not included.

Science. We were learning about our lungs and if there really is something happening to the air when it goes into our lungs. {By the way, the study of the human body is absolutely fascinating! Remarkable how God created our bodies.} I let the boys use my best shopping bags for this experiment. I pull out all stops when it comes to education.

Let's see, this would be career day for the preschool bunch. Here we are trying out the profession of bucket-head-police-Navy seal-pizza delivering. A variation of this costume appears frequently throughout the days- I think it might be sticking!

Tarver spent a lot of time in the kitchen over the last couple of weeks. Here he is whipping up a batch of Lamingtons inspired by our study of Australia.

And here he displays his New Zealand project: Pavlova.

For Ryland's New Zealand project he decided to show off what he learned about the Maori. He was particularly fascinated with their battle traditions and challenges- they beat their chests and stick out their tongues as a means of challenge.

He did it well and earned all points possible for his research project.
{For his Australia project he demonstrated his Australian accent with a rousing rendition of "G'day, mate!"}

My two little Maori wanna-bes.

Saying good-bye to New Zealand with a family Maori challenge.
What will Antarctica bring us this week?


  1. Is this an advertisement for Target?? :) I know how you feel about Wal Mart!!

    Such sweet little artists - such creative ways you have to encourage their artistic (and imaginative!) ways.

  2. Love it! This post really made me smile. (-:

  3. I was going to ask you if this was an advertisement for Target. Then I saw that Someone (with genes remarkably similar to my own) already asked you that silly question.... =)
    Anyway, thanks Hollie, for all the great photos AND the reminders to be grateful for the little blessings in life!