The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

11 September 2010


Here is a small glimpse into the world of home-making on a Saturday in my home.

{It had to be a small glimpse, or I wouldn't have gotten anything done other than pictures and we would be hungry, naked and walking on dirty floors otherwise!}
{Flying the colors on this anniversary day. Remembering 9-years ago, when our entire world was shaken, turned upside down. Thinking, what is it going to take for our country to truly experience revival? What more will it take for us to sincerely seek the face of our God and turn to Him in humility, repentance and dependance?}

{Watching through windows, my young men playing}

{Soaking in the cuteness of our almost-3 'babe'}

{Baking for the feeding of family and friends}



{Air drying}

{Grinding, for the baking}

{Harvesting and collecting}

{the picture of me Visiting with my sweet neighbor girls this afternoon}

{Cleaning, for the sake of fire-fighting}

I seriously have this uncanny knack for starting real, flaming fires in my oven when I cook a frozen pizza. Uncanny. I can make homemade bread, peach pies, almost anything- but when it comes to a frozen pizza, FLAME-ON!


{Not!! That's for Sunday}


{Teaching & Training}

{Cooking for Feeding}


{For Remembering}


{Pausing, Bowing & Thanking}





{Preparing yogurt for eating in the morning}

{Anticipating rest- tomorrow is Sunday, our day of rest and worship}

'Work is glory.

Work is sweat in harvest fields--

The royal right to ask for bread.

Work teaches sleep to slumber undisturbed,

And scorns to beg or steal...'

"A Requiem for Love"
Calvin Miller


  1. What a fun and busy day you have. I couldn't do all that in one week!! That bed does look very inviting. Love talking with Ry today. What a little man he is. Love to all. Gramma

  2. Love that post! The name is great. (-: And the food looks terrific...(-;

  3. Mmmm...all that baking makes me hungry. We get free bread through our co-op so I bake very little now, much to my children's chagrin! We still remember your delicious loaf of bread from when we started our 2 hr trip to Jansen and I had forgot to feed the kids first. It tasted so good!

    Do you have a pizza crust recipe you like? I've never been happy w/ mine.

    And can you remind me of where you bought your vinyl wall lettering from? I would like to do some of that when we get into our new (as yet hypothetical) house in TX.

    And one final question (sorry to bug you!) -- exactly how long does your wood floor stay that clean and shiny?? Mine lasts less than 15 minutes it seems... But at least we know in our minds that it was clean for awhile! :)

  4. I hope all is well with all of you. I keep going to Mommy Daze and no new news!! Maybe your still tired from all the fun you did on I'll keep looking and waiting. Love Gramma

  5. So beautiful. SO beautiful. One of {many} of my favorite posts by you my friend. Hope you're well. xo

  6. What a beautiful blog you have - I'm so excited to have discovered it! You make the beautiful simplicity and ordinary into something to long after....