The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

20 December 2010

Cookies & Campout

We had so much fun decorating Christmas sugar cookies with our friends from Auburn this past weekend.

108 cookies, way too much powdered sugar for frosting and millions of sprinkles. The recipe for a great time!
You may notice Ryland licking his fingers. I'll come back to this at the last picture of this post.

Langston wasn't exactly excited about the decorating part. He preferred to take his cookies plain.

It's always my hope through festivities such as these, that at some future time my kids will have fond memories of celebrating with friends.

After our fun evening with friends, we set up for our annual Christmas tree campout. The kids bring up their sleeping bags and pillows, we snuggle down for our nightly Advent reading of Jotham, Bartholomew and Tabitha and the kids fall asleep 'camping' by the light of our Christmas tree.

In the morning I generally make a special breakfast for our campers.

This year the breakfast tradition was a bit amended and Braden ended up making scrambled eggs for everyone because the parents of the campers were pretty tired.

You see, apparently the reason why I couldn't find Ryland's dozen sugar cookies that he decorated was because he ate them. All of his decorated cookies. And his bowl of red frosting and his bowl of green frosting and his bowl of sprinkles, too.

And at 4:00 in the morning, Ryland's tummy decided that it wasn't happy with him. So the parents of our happy campers got up at 0'dark-thirty to sit with Ry in the bathroom, brew him some peppermint tea to settle his tummy and hear him tell us what happened to his cookies. And frosting. And sprinkles.
"I think I won't do that again."
At least he has learned his lesson. I'll be watching him a little more closely the next time we decorate cookies!


  1. o'dark thirty - LOL :) At least he wasn't being wasteful - he's probably used to being told he has to eat everything on his plate! :)

    The last few paragraphs remind me of the book "When I Was Young in the Mountains" - the little girl's grandma had to get up with her in the night to take her to the outhouse and she promised never to eat more one serving of okra again.

  2. What an adventure! :) Sometimes you have to learn the hard way...sounds like most of them, at least, had fun camping out. I'm sure my brother would want to do that if he got the idea. ;)