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2Samuel 22:47

04 December 2010

Amazing Christmas Home

My neighbor, Beth, invited me to accompany her and her daughters to tour a beautifully decorated Christmas home this afternoon. I was so honored by her invitation and grateful to be a part of this incredible Christmas afternoon.

Literally, all I could say in seeing this home was "WOW." It was so great, that after spending a few hours here with my neighbor and her girls, I went home and loaded up my hubby and sons.

Pictures cannot do this home and all the decorating effort justice.

Every corner of this home was decorated. It was truly amazing.

The attention to detail in the display of Department 56 was spectacular- look at the tracks in the 'snow' from the sledders!

It took 21 days to set up the city scene. We are talking hundreds of buildings and even more accessories. The kids were given a scavenger hunt to help them really enjoy all the different aspects of the scenery including finding the Rockettes and a wind-sledding Santa. Fun!

Our older boys really liked the camping scene {complete with bear, fox, skunk and ducks diving in the pond!}

Our youngest was very concerned about this train wreck leaving the Lucky No. 7 mine. The authorities were on the scene so I told him not to worry. That explanation doesn't work so well when you are almost three.

The laundry room boasted an ironing board with a Santa coat and these adorable elf sweaters, just laundered of course!

Little bits of Christmas were nestled literally everywhere. We spent hours here and still didn't see everything.

My sweet neighbor, Beth, getting in the spirit with glasses that made the Christmas lights even more festive. She's adorable, isn't she?

Seeing the faces of my boys as they tried to comprehend all the details of this home was such a treat. Their imaginations were going full-throttle and they were a sight to behold. So thankful for this opportunity to let them experience such a fun celebration.


  1. I LOVE it! We saw some displays like this in the huge Christmas store in Frankenmuth Michigan. That is so amazing!

  2. It's fun to click twice on each picture to get a full screen view of the villages.Pretty nice display they have....Dad/GBill

  3. Wow. That is really beautiful! I love seeing other people's creativity!

    One question - does she have any small children? :)

  4. Happy Birthday Honey~I left a message on your phone. What a great display. She must have a big house!! Love you Gramm