The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

13 December 2010

4-yr old rent-a-cop

Ryland has been looking for a way to earn some extra holiday cash the past few days. I've heard murmurings of wanting to buy a pink BB gun for someone on his list {hmmm. . .} and just this morning over bagels he was working on a deal with his oldest brother to get a ride out to Orscheln on the riding mower, since his oldest brother isn't old enough for a car yet.

Inspiration struck later this morning when he announced he was working as the Christmas tree security guard in our home. He pieced together a uniform all by himself {honestly, what mother has enough creativity to come up with something like this?}

He's already found some job perks {though not a paycheck yet - that will be up to Dad} as he cashed in his meal ticket at the food court for lunch today. He thought that was pretty cool.

Beware any Christmas ornament thieves. We are waiting for you!


  1. I love the title. Hey, at least your tree will be safe!

  2. Atta boy Ryland. You'll have to work on the fearsome look,though.Those cheeks are just too pinch-able. Luv Gbill

  3. I hope he is still guarding the inside tree!! Tell him not to let anyone steal those presents.

    Love Gramma