The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

06 September 2011

License and Registration, please

It was only a matter of time before law enforcement officials caught wind of the speed records being broken on our bit of asphalt which we call 'the driveway'. Mr. Tim did a community well-being check the other day, perhaps on reports that there was a 5-year old breaking speed barriers and shrieking mercilessly 'Jimmy Johns - Freaky Fast Delivery', disturbing our peaceful community.

Alright, entertaining our peaceful community. 

 After generously handed out a warning and some badge stickers {which I am now finding all over the house: the dryer, dressers, books, pets and little brothers}, Mr. Tim made sure all was in order and headed off to rid our community of any threats or lurking bad guys.  The boys are pretty sure he catches bank robbers all day long and hands out stickers to cute little bike riders.  Quite an appealing job!  Ryland has now covered his bike {Rusty Jones} with State Patrol stickers and has pledged his life to a new duty: 
State Trooper.

So long, Jimmy Johns delivery boy.

Sorry, Gwen.  You will have to find a local number for that sandwich you are craving.  However, if you need someone to check your {beautiful-mugshot-of-a} Texas driver's license and ask for your registration, I think I have a future officer for you!


  1. You were serious about his tangle with law enforcement!!!!

    And I need to come up with a good excuse for getting my drivers license photo replaced...Especially now that you let the cat out of the bag! :)

  2. I am totally confused!!! What was that all about??? Gramma