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2Samuel 22:47

19 September 2011

State Fair Field Trip

Grand Island, Nebraska
August 2011

{our class and  our principal!}

This is what happens when I let someone else carry the camera and disappear to go look at a display that does not include race cars, beef jerky or gigantic nitrogen bottles. 
Poor Langston - though he does look sorta cute in braids!

Why we don't let five-year olds have licenses - even if they were to drive with their Dads.  'Nuff said, look at that intense racing face!


A dream come true.  Hard to think of him really driving in a few short years.

Solar powered racers
One of our favorite stops - The Power Station.  Seems my husband can't really get away from work (though I am thankful he enjoys his job enough to chum around with fellow employees when he's off-the-clock!)
We spent


Electricity.  Fascinating.

Okay, pop quiz.  It is a school field trip after all.  What is cuter than a puppy?
Correct: A baby goat.  Even more correct:  Many baby goats.

Thank you for the reminder!  My kitchen would love to own this sign.

These two troopers experienced their first carnival ride together. 
These smiles made the $10 ride worth it.
{sort of}

And I got in on some of the ride action, too.  Love the scrambler - it's a classic.


  1. WAIT. You mean we have to let our kids actually drive at some point??! I thought bikes were sufficient....

    I love that sign too!!! :) And you're so much better on rides than I am - I just shut my eyes, hang on tight and hope it's over soon (and for some reason John never offers to take me to Great America!).

  2. What a fun day. I love rides like that!!
    Love Gramma