The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

22 September 2011

Puttin' Up {with the boys}

Yesterday, I asked Tarver to pick a few peppers from the garden.
He came in with a nice handful of bell peppers and approximately 4 quarts of jalapenos.
So. . .

We had a pepper eating contest.
Okay, not so.  The boys and I 'put up' pickled jalapenos last night.

So now, as a mother, I can rest assured that when they leave my kitchen someday and have yet to find a helper to run their own kitchens - their nachos will have no reason to fear store bought jalapenos.

My terrific sons even indulged me by waiting around for that rewarding 'pop' of the jars sealing after coming out of the hot water bath.  That's my favorite part of the whole process.

My new favorite part is having extra hands to share food preservation with.  These guys are great helpers and already so self sufficient.


  1. Taco Tuesdays will be extra delightful with your home canned peppers .YUM

    Luv Granpa Bill

  2. those look fabulous, great job boys (and you to Hollie :o) Is the recipe a shareable (emailable) one!

    Miss you guys,
    Amy D

  3. You did a delicious looking jar of peppers. Very professional. You would win all blue ribbons at the fair. Love Gramma