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13 October 2010

Pumpkins & Little Hands

Here is a fun little craft that I came up with three years ago when Tarver needed some practice sewing buttons as a part of a Cub Scout requirement. I love to do projects with the boys - but I'm really only excited about projects that have a purpose. The thought of sewing a button on a piece of cloth just to take it off again didn't really appeal to me.

I also love to save mementos of these days of little hands and feet. The little hands and feet grow so, so quickly. I try to remember to soak in these days well of my little ones {now just two little ones} reaching for a hand to hold. These are the memories that come to mind each year when I pull out our box of fall decorations and find these little pumpkins.

I let Braden and Tarver design the shape of their pumpkin on a piece of scratch paper and then let them cut it out {scissor practice!} I then transferred the 'pattern' to fabric and did the cutting myself with the sharp sewing scissors. I also did the machine sewing but they got to stuff their own pumpkins and sew them closed at the top. Again, great practice of very basic sewing skills.

We then traced outlines of their hands {Ryland was just 18-months when his was made and Langston was in the womb. . .guess I should make him a pumpkin this year!} and again I transferred the tracing to green felt and did the cutting of the fabric. Braden and Tarver sewed their own hand 'leaves' at the top and then went through our button jar to find just the right eyes for their pumpkins. They sewed the eyes on and were done.

Very simple - and very much worthwhile to this sentimental Mommy. Look at how tiny this little hand was!
I love projects- do you have anything fun you do with your kids in the fall? Please leave a comment and let me know. I'm always looking for ideas!

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  1. I love your fun, easy, little crafts, Hollie, that are so cute, but for me they would equal a day-long project! I'm craft-impaired. If that isn't a term it should be. :)

    If we ever live close, can my kids come over for a Basic Sewing/Adorable Crafts Class?