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2Samuel 22:47

06 April 2011

What they do with an afternoon off

We took the afternoon 'off' after saying good-bye to a special visitor and feeling the need for some down time. For me, it was a day better suited to working in the garden, reading to my youngest two and catching up on laundry instead of keeping up with our lesson plans.

So, what did our older boys decide to do with their free time?

Well, it started out with a nature walk. The nature walk soon took on a new meaning with the discovery of minnows in the creek that runs behind our home-

and quickly progressed into a Science and Construction project.

They asked permission to use their drills and borrow some of Dad's Superglue and were heard rummaging through the linen cabinet for dental floss.

{Dental Floss reel- see, there is a use for floss!}

Braden and Tarver excitedly came to show me their creation before escaping out the door to go fishing. They mumbled something about starting an aquarium.

I can't wait.

Imaginations brought to you by God and inspired by a home education, a healthy appetite for and access to the great outdoors and fun books such as

The American Boys Handy Book.

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  1. It is nice to have a creek nearby to have fun in.Especially if there are creatures in the water to see and catch.... Luv Gbill