The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

08 December 2011

The Boys Can Throw A Party

One of the many benefits in living in a home full of men is that when it comes to the only female birthday they make it a really *big* deal. 
My boys can really throw a party!

A bigger waffle iron courtesy of my #1 and #3 {pictured here}
This will be much more efficient than the single serving waffle iron already owned - and it was all their ideaSomehow getting a food related item from my sons is so endearing.

A gift with a sweet card that has a picture of 'Mommy and Langston holding hands and Mommy is yawning'.
I guess that pretty much sums up my life accurately!  I love it.

Langston thought Mommy needed some pink duct tape and . . .

A pink Maglite.  I am SO spoiled!!

Tarver tricked me by wrapping a big box full of dumbells . . .

And hiding the most beautiful Swiss Army knife in the bottom.
Yes, pink. 
Except for the pink part, I feel like I totally belong with this band of knife-toting brothers and their Dad now.
Christmas morning should be interesting and dangerous - everyone will be competing with me to get their knife drawn first to slice through tape!

We interrupt this birthday party for an imporant message from Ryland.
Nevermind . . . he's just being himself.

Gift certificates to my favorite restaurant from Dad.
And a hand illustrated card of a sombrero wearing duck.
Consider it saved for the museum, Dad!

A beautiful sweater among many beautiful things from Laura {can't wait to read the books! and dig into all the chocolate!!}

A lovely wool cape made by  Mom.
When you get to be my age you also get a personal fashion designer!
Well, only if you have my Mom for yours.
So, that would be you, Heidi.

 And the last gift of the evening was from my Beloved . . .

A lovely *lovely* new camera lens.
Did I already mention how spoiled I am?
And excited?

My first test shot on Ry-man.  I can now Bokeh with the best of them!!
Thank you, awesome friends and family.  I am truly blessed by all of you and thankful especially to my great group of guys here at home.  It was a lovely birthday party.  Thank you.


  1. What a great party. What nice gifts. You are so lucky, not spoiled. Your cape looks so lovely. What a great sewer. And if you happen to be the Mother of the fashion designer you are surprised by the thing she makes you just because... and also for her Dad just because... Love you Gramma

  2. Sounds like you made a haul,Hollie.With that cape,along with a deerslayer cap and an oversized magnifying glass you can investigate evidence and say"elementary my dear Watson"...Well that's what I would do anyway...Luv Dad

  3. Okay, I missed this one too? All I can say for an excuse is (well, several) --- stomach flu, new baby, moving and remodeling. I've missed a few blog posts apparently!

    So happy belated birthday, Hollie. You're one tough mama with that pink Swiss army knife.

    And does this mean that we get be Bokeh'd with that new lens??! (I don't think Bokeh can technically be used as a verb....)