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2Samuel 22:47

17 February 2012

Thrift Store Score

Raise your hand if you were completely enamored with the Little House Books as a girl growing up?

{me, too!}
Remember at the end of The First Four Years when the Wilder's home burns down and the only thing that survives is the oval glass platter that says:
Give us this day our daily bread ?
Since reading that book as a young girl I had always hoped to own one some day.  I remember my Aunt Jamie had a pewter dish with the same words and hoping for one just like hers.
Today, on a typewriter mission for our five-year old paper boy, I entered our local thrift store and found:

Just like Aunt Jamie's.
Sadly, this was part of an entire pewter set.
I left the rest there and am now having major guilt feelings, like I broke up a happy family of pewter.
Maybe Saturday will bring me a recovery mission at the thrift store . . .
Oh, and hopefully a typewriter for my little man, too.

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  1. My hand is raised! And I have a renewed love for them as I keep reading through them - with the kids of course. :)

    We grew up in South Dakota just a few miles down the road from DeSmet where Little Town took place, I believe.

    Love that pewter plate!