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2Samuel 22:47

12 February 2014

Season Opener and Numbers From Last Season

Gardening Season begins in January on our little farm.
I always think this is the most exciting point of the season - where the garden is full of hopes and dreams and void of insects, hail, drought and the other realities that make gardening such a hard task.
Johnny Jump-Ups from Seed Savers
 Normally, at this point in the season I am so desperate for anything to be growing somewhere that I tend to start too early and plant too much.  Thankfully, I am slowly maturing {it takes a while} and am learning the lessons of patience.  I'm still trying to figure out how to not over-plant!  The little seedlings are just *so cute* when they first poke through the dirt!
  I've only planted our 'cool season' seeds thus far, but this weekend it will be time to put the pepper seeds in and we are just a few weeks out for tomatoes and flowers.

Ailsa Craig and Red Wethersfield will be our onions this season
 My husband is eternally patient with my zealousness.  He always has a little twinkle in his eye when asking how many 'babies' I planted this time.  And he's always so kind to not laugh too hard when I tell him maybe we DO have room for 341 tomato plants this year ... maybe?  They just start out so small and cute to begin with- they hardly seems like anything cumbersome until May and then I am usually forcing plants on my friends who have anything resembling dirt in their yard.

Gruner Krauser Kale

We saved a lot of our own seed from our garden last year - which is a wonderful project {and necessary, if I might say so myself!} to do with the boys.  Because we did this I was able to try out a few new crops for this coming year and still we have only spent $60 on new seed/supplies for our anticipated gardening needs. I'm anxious to see how celery and fennel do in our garden.  Of course, we'll need to till up a bit more of our back yard which means I need to get busy baking some chocolate chip cookies for my most excellent and wonderful tiller operator.  {Thank you, Love!}
I have finally put all the numbers together from our 2013 garden and orchard - how blessed we feel to have harvested 745.46 pounds!!  I'm quietly hoping to break the 1000# mark in 2014 but we never know what the weather will bring or how helpful the work force will be.  It seems like we have a ton of help in the garden during raspberry harvest (somehow those raspberries never quite make it to the scale ... :-) )

Have you started thinking about your garden?  I'd love to send you some seed from our 2013 harvest.  Leave a comment and a way for me to get in touch with you.  The boys and I will go through the comments and send some seed to a lucky commenter {or two!}
P.S. Georgia, I already have some Yellow Pear Tomato seeds with your name on them.

'He who works his land will have plenty of bread
but he who follows worthless pursuits will come to poverty.'
Proverbs 12:11

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  1. I was just talking with a lady at co-op today who was getting ready to plant her garden. :) Yes, here in TX a lot of people do 2 growing seasons - 1 that harvests in Apr/May; and 1 that plants in Aug and harvests by Nov.
    I'm still trying to get used to that.
    Our raised bed garden did well last year compared to previous years. I harvested by June and July.
    I'd like to get the garden in now already, but since my Chief Rototiller Operator is building us a dining room addition, I'll probably just have to settle for eating fresh tomatoes when we visit friends and family up north. :)
    Your gardening inspires me, Hollie! And if anyone can harvest 1000 lbs, I know you can. :)