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2Samuel 22:47

02 August 2010

A Week for a Week

I give up.

The more I think about how to post about our week at Family Camp, the more convinced I am that I cannot contain it to just one post. Or even two.

Camp just means too much to our family {ask anyone who knows us well and they can affirm that Life Action Family Camp is an attribute that defines our family. Such as: "I'd like you to meet our friends, the F family. Every year they go to family camp in Michigan. Oh, and they have four sons and think they live on a farm. . ." etc.}

So, I am going to dedicate this entire week to posting about the latest round of memories we've accumulated. Thanks for listening- and if you are interested in visiting camp with us one of these years, please let us know. We would be happy to direct you to Ernie who can get you all set up to come. But be prepared: Your lives will change. Most definitely.

And you will be sorry you didn't decide to come to camp sooner. I promise.

*Oh, and about devoting this entire week to our camp experience, I reserve the right to report any breaking family news that is not directly related to camp, if the occasion arises. Such as my boys doing something really, really funny. Or weird. Or dangerous. For that matter, if my husband decides to do any of the aforementioned as well. Thank you.

{The lakefront playground - calm before the storm (a.k.a. when the campers pour in) }

{The beachfront}

{A tree and blue sky. Because everything is prettier when you are on vacation!}


  1. Just what everyone needs is a vacation. It looks like a spot to relax and have fun. Oh, if I was just younger!! Keep those post coming. You never did tell me if Bob gets that tractor!!! In other words' "did you buy that pink pillow?? This is a question request!! Gramma XX00

  2. Beautiful! Week for a week...that's a good idea.

  3. No tractor, no pillow.
    I told Bob we should hold out for a Ford, I want to make my Grampa proud! :-)

    Actually, no garage space, no tractor. Someday we hope to have a barn to put a tractor in and I suppose there will always be plenty of room for a pillow. Someday. . .

  4. Camp is such an amazing ministry - it impacts people in a unique setting like nothing else. So you go ahead and spend a week talking about it! What a great opportunity to spend a week as a family at camp!