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2Samuel 22:47

31 July 2010

Farm Princess

This post is for my Gramma.

So, if you are not interested in seeing more from John Deere, Moline, or if you are not interested in seeing what happens when I pass the camera on to another member of my family, feel free to move on to your Saturday morning laundry. Or baking. Or that pedicure you've been needing to update.

P.S. That one other time I let someone else hold the camera, well that picture is at the very end of this post. I think it will be pretty obvious, minus the pretty part. You'll see what I mean!

From the store - LOTS of fun.

Hide and Seek with tractor wheels. I love my farm kid wannabes!

A new chair for their bedroom, perhaps? {To match Dad's new tractor??}

My new friends. Seriously. Somehow, if you carry a Nikon around your neck, people automatically assume you can take a picture, and take it well. I just wear the Nikon, although after owning it for 2+ years I have finally just read the owner's manual and think I am ready to start taking real pictures. Maybe.

Anyway, this group of Harley Riding friends labeled me *photographer* and I was honored to take each one of their cameras and snap a group photo over, and over, and over, and . . .you get the picture. {Hee Hee} The very last camera in the pile was my own, and I asked them to stay there for one more shot. They will now live in infamy in our family picture album.

Oh, and here's some chick who found a pink John Deere pillow in the store and held it up for her Nikon-wearing husband to see. He took the picture, but said if the tractor had to stay in Moline {ahem} the pillow did too. Or something like that.

There you are, Gramma! Proof that I am not completely selfish with the picture taking. But I sure think that there are better subjects in our family to use memory card space on.

After Moline? A little corner in Southwest Michigan, which we love, love, love. Stay tuned!


  1. Lovely picture, Hollie :) Did the Harley guys offer the kids a ride on their "hogs" ?

  2. Thank you Hollie those are great pictures. I love the one of you, my little granddaughter. I hope you bought the pillow. That scoop on the tractor will come in handy when the snow fly's this winter. Love

  3. Love seeing more John Deere pix...I should get MJ in here to see those. (-: Oh, and how did you know exactly what we did all morning? must be a homeschooling mom. (-;