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2Samuel 22:47

29 July 2010

Pit Stop

We've been home almost 2-weeks now and I wanted to share some of the fun times we had on our trip, despite this feeling like old news now. {Illness has a tendency to throw my most well-intentioned organization and timeliness right out the window. . .}

Our first stop on the way out to Michigan was in Moline, Illinois. For some reason, I thought our family would enjoy stretching our legs at the John Deere Pavilion.

Stretch our legs, certainly, but it has caused 5 of 'us' to dream in green ever since. I'll plan better in the future. . .
This beautiful building is full of tractors, old and new, of all sizes and purposes. It is staffed by knowledgeable persons who admittedly told me they love to see little children come in and fall in love with John Deere Green from the get-go as it guarantees a next generation of customers.
{Not to miss out on an educational moment we used this discussion to teach our children about marketing!}

How many blondes does it take to drive a tractor?

Was it wrong for me to tell Braden to 'study up' as I was going to give him a pop-quiz in 10-minutes? What?? Pop-quiz and family vacation do not go together? You don't say. . .

We were amazed at the size of some of these tractors.
For some reason, I was particularly entranced by this tractor and large scoop - the possibilities for use around my home and yard excited me.

These cute little farmers stole my heart.

Gettin' serious during a test drive.

Dad says "Safety First, Farmers!"

I'm not sure what they are thinking.
{ It's probably best that I don't.}

My Guys!

Ryland found a place to put his feet up.

I didn't even have to tell Langston what to do - apparently farming is an instinct in my kids!
{That excites me very much}
Stay tuned for the next edition of 'Vacation Outtakes', where I endeavor to post pictures of our family vacation before Christmas is upon us. . .


  1. Oh my. I love those pictures! I have an odd feeling that my brother would love to go there...don't ask me how I know. (-; There are too many cute pictures. I kept marking in my head my favorites as I went down, but there were too many! Your boys...all great. (-:

  2. PS. I hope you're all doing better?

  3. What a cute family Jim and I have!! I love those pictures and it was smart of to think of Stopping there!! I think I will have to tag those pic's. Have some one take pictures of you also!!dont be selfish and hand that camera over to one of them!!OK (:>)Love Gramma . Can hardly wait to see the rest of your vacation

  4. "the possibilities for use around my yard and home excited me" Ha! :) You crack me up!

    I can't believe you were in Moline and didn't stop to see us!! Okay, so it's 2.5 hrs away, but, still, it's the same state! :)

    What a great idea - we've driven through Moline many times but have never ever stopped at John Deere - we will have to do that next time we're headed south! My boys (big and little) would be drooling....