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2Samuel 22:47

09 May 2011

Ry's Home Office

*WARNING* If you are a neat freak, you probably don't want to see these pictures. I find them very disturbing.

Our son, Ry-man, has a problem. It's more of a creativity problem, so perhaps not a problem at all. The last several months he has been addicted to drawing. He goes through 50-100 pieces of paper each and every day. Tree huggers, close your eyes.

Other than the perpetual mess on my living room floor, I am completely enjoying this addiction. I love to listen to him illustrate his drawings. There is a LOT of action involved in these pictures!

He loves each illustration and can tell me exactly what is happening in each one.

Just in the last week his office has included: Horatius at the Bridge re-enactment company, Civil War artifacts, battle scene re-enactment and book company, a medical clinic and a medical school, and a Star Wars something or other.

And then yesterday, because I couldn't stand it any longer {somebody please send this kid a filing cabinet!}, I helped him pick up about 200 sheets of paper {when he wasn't looking} and donated them to the recycling bin. A few hours later, Ryland had placed Crime Scene tape around his office {that's a completely different subject on why my kids have crime scene tape to play with. . .} so I'm thinking he probably noticed some papers were missing. Ugh!

Today, his office is home base for a detective agency. So far, though, I have not been interrogated.

Creative kids make me smile!


  1. We go through tons of paper around here too - what fun to see that sweet creativity. I like to think we're supporting the logging industry. :) (and I see one of our favorite Richard Scarry's must be one of yours too!)

  2. This is so cute! You should enter the give-awway right now on the Timberdoodle blog - it's a a history drawing program! You little guy is too cute!

  3. That little guy makes me smile also. Very creative!! love gramma