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2Samuel 22:47

13 November 2011

Thanksgiving Campout with a Feast

 Our two Boy Scouts had a great time camping out and then preparing and serving a Thanksgiving-style meal over the campfires - to feed approximately 150.
Moms and younger siblings were invited to join the feast so that meant - no planning, no fixing, no messy kitchen and my favorite:  no cleaning up.
I love the Boy Scouts.

Tarver chose to contribute baked sweet potatoes to the meal.  Langston was fascinated with the 'rocks' he was pulling out of the campfire and once Tarver walked away with his bucket of spuds decided he would fish for a 'shiny rock' too.  *See bandage picture below.  Ugh!

Braden wanted to impress his mother with his extra large frying pan. {Ahem, if you are reading this kiddo, know that Mom put that on her Christmas list!}  He whipped up nearly 10 pounds of french fries, made the old fashioned way, and cooked them over the fire.  They were a huge hit!  I'm not sure they count as a traditional Thanksgiving food, though . . .

Outdoor crock pots {sometimes known as Dutch Ovens}

Deer roast with veggies - another contribution from Braden.

It was a beautiful afternoon to spend with all of the families involved in Scouting in our area and so much fun to watch the boys prepare, serve and clean up from a meal cooked over coals.



  1. What a feast!!! Looks wonderful! (and not just because it meant no clean-up for the moms...I think that tradition started with the Pilgrims, didn't it?! :) )

  2. Gwen, took the words right out of my mouth!! What a feast!!! You pictures turned out great with all the fall color.