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2Samuel 22:47

01 January 2012

Christmas Snapshots

I whittled the photo selection down to about four million snapshots so it shouldn't take you too long to make it through our day!

Stocking loot before the invasion
Starting line for stocking invasion
What is it?  A wonderful thing about having older sons is that now they can stay up really late on Christmas Eve assembling fun gifts for little brothers!
Little brothers absolutely tickled with their new castle from older brothers
Langston drew Braden's name and helped him to open his gift
Braden was generous enough to let Langston try on his size 13 hiking boots.
Langston was so excited about getting Legos of his own that he could hardly get the package open.  Thanks, Auntie Laura!
Beach bum Ry-man trying out a new towel from his doggie pal Patches
Sniffle, sniffle. How can any Mom keep a dry eye when handed something like this?
And then opening the sweet package and finding a wooden cross, handmade, sanded, assembled and stained by my five-year old {with some help from older brothers and Daddy}
Reporting for Christmas duty, Ma'am.
The sons of the house thought Dad needed a Whirly Pop for our Sunday evening traditional popcorn meal.  Well done, boys!

Tarver's first real watch - I think he likes it!
John Deere boots make a boy very, very happy!
The castle experiences its first siege and attack.  Ryland really, really wanted spurs and suction cup bow and arrows.  You came through, Auntie Laura!  You have some very happy {and grateful} nephews.
Star Wars underoos for the heroes in our home.
Hey, after spending many a winter locked inside with four very energetic boys, I earned these pink ear muffs!  They come in mighty handy for the grain mill and my husband thinks I'm ready to go target shooting with him now.  I wonder if I can bring my pink Daisy BB gun?
Gramma Carol - you have no idea what you've done to this house.  All I can really say is the youngsters are hoping you will bail them out soon.
He really wanted a paper boy hat.
Surprisingly, this cheap stocking stuffer held the five males in our home captive for many hours on Christmas day.  Who would have guessed?
My favorite picture.  Absolutely favorite.  Ever.  For so many reasons.
You are my man!  And yes, the shirt was a gift.
Once the little guys were bailed out, they joined the military.
A fresh bottle of WD 40 put to use right away.

Our future aviator has a new favorite!
Thanks to all of you for your generous gifts.  I'm sorry I couldn't include all the pictures of excitement of what was given, but as you can see it would have taken forever.  Just know we are very grateful and the thank yous are in the mail!


  1. What a wonderful Christmas morning to wake up and see all the stocking by the fireplace and packages under the tree. The gifts being unwrapped gave glitter and wide smiles from the cute little Feickert guys!! Traver being so surprised looking at his watch. A Christmas that they will remember forever. love Gramma

    Happy New York

  2. I can imagine that castle will provide many hours of play - how fun!!!

    And ear muffs - I completely understand. Especially in the van, not that I don't love the joyous sounds of children..... :)