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23 March 2010

Family Reunions {Part One}

Thursday was our day to spend time with Hollie's Mom's side of the family. We met Mom, Aunt Jamie, Heidi and Matt for brunch and then headed out to my grandparents home for a day of visiting. Mom and Jamie made a wonderful lunch for all of us, and later Mom cooked us up a wonderful lasagna supper. We were so excited that so much of the family showed up: Hollie's cousins Billy and Kristen, and her boyfriend Gerry, and Heidi and her 3 girls, besides Mom and Jamie. Gramma and Grampa know how much Ry loves his tie, and surprised the boys with new ties.

Gramma got out the penny jar and dumped them in the walkway. The boys had so much fun 'digging for treasure'. Langston was much more enthusiastic about finding as many rocks as possible...

Grampa is full of stories and history and we could sit for days and listen to him. I'm not sure what the conversation was here, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was telling the boys about the War.

Langston decided to pick on someone his own size (ha, ha!) and Billy was such a good sport, despite being beat in the head with a baseball bat. {You can see he's terribly miserable :-) }

Ryland seems to have forgotten all the training about how to treat a lady, and gave Kristen a surprise attack with his bubble-sword-turned-light-saber. She gave him the chase of his life, and he loved every step of it.

It was a beautiful spring like day, so we were able to spend a lot of time outdoors. Langston attached himself to this baseball bat, and Great Gramma.

And when we moved indoors, he challenged Great Gramma to a duel...

While Ryland challenged Great Grampa to some wrestling {Looks like he's got you beat, Ry!}

Our boys thought it was SO fun to get to hang out with their very own cousins. Ryland said "I never knew I was a cousin!" Heidi's girls are {L to R} Cosette (8), Kylie (15), and Chloe' (11).

It was such a blessing to be able to spend the day with family.

{Hollie, Carol, Gramma, Heidi, Grampa - and the top of Langston's head, as he fell into deep sleep on Great Grampa's lap at the end of the day.}
And the next post...Family Reunions Part 2. Signing off from Ogden, Utah...
Hollie for the gang


  1. Boy, you are making good time. Thanks for the pictures. I will never forget this day of the reunion. So little time but a lot of fun, food, and good conversation. I love you all and sure miss you. I pray for a safe trip home.
    Tell Ryland "from our Tepee in the Indian reservation Love GG & GG Hebert.LOL

  2. Fun to see pictures of your reunion times. I got a pretty postcard in the mail the other day from Oregon!!!!!Thanks!!!!!!

    Nancy Baltensperger

  3. Wow ... I still can't believe how much you packed into those 2 weeks!!! And you all still look human in the pictures (you know, no electric hair and red eyes ...) I'm just really glad that you got home safely. And that you got to see all your family.