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2Samuel 22:47

08 March 2010

'Life' is our classroom

A few weeks ago, my Gramma asked if I would post a picture of what our classroom looks like. Because home education is not confined to a specific room, I thought I'd share what a somewhat typical week would look like for our family. {Because home educators have the freedom to pursue the best interests of their own specific families, no other school looks like ours or the same as any other, for that matter.}

I think to best sum up what our classroom looks like it would be this: LIFE. We truly take advantage of every opportunity to learn all that we can. We are intentional in the fact that we are to raise adults and not children. Not that we aren't enjoying our children being children (of course we do!), but we try to keep in mind the big picture. The purpose of our parenting is to raise commendable, responsible adults who are growing up with a sincere love for our Lord, compassion for the people around us, an awareness and appreciation for the blessings they have been given {there is a world around them that doesn't always look like our small town}, and a respect for work, in such that they will one day be able to care for their future families in a way that will be obedient to the Word of God (i.e. being a single income family). It is our desire to equip them with the tools they will need to be leaders in their future homes, churches and communities.

So, with all that being said, here are a few snapshots of our different classrooms that I caught while we were 'in school' last week: At least once a week we visit our local library. All our children have their own library cards and are responsible for their own accounts (late fees, etc.)

Saturday morning chess club at the local coffee shop
{Taught and organized by another home educating family}

Our drama club and constant entertainment- the Preschool class!
Oh, and they count as our class pets, too!

One of our science classrooms with a guest instructor, the Superintendent and Principal of our school {a.k.a. Dad}
Here, they are building a weather station and discussing all the features, what they mean and how they work.

Character training classroom
{also how they earn their tuition and pay for their 'hot lunch' :-)}

Even our Preschool class has homework. Langston is working on a project from 'Career Day' in his 'Things People Do' book.

Our playground {one of many}

Three of our eleven home library shelves. This is where the bulk of our school-specific books are kept. We have been using Sonlight curriculum for the last five years along with many supplements, as we have found other books of interest. We will be adding yet another bookshelf in a few weeks after we visit the Nebraska Christian Home Educators Conference in Lincoln.

The 'office'. I love my copier and printer and it has been so convenient to have for our school days. Our school Principal gave it to me for a birthday present a few years ago. Isn't he the greatest?

Our teacher's lounge. We love Starbucks.

This is our botany science lab {we have science labs all over our house}. Here we are growing lettuce for winter salads and some baby seedlings to place in our garden in another month.

The big classroom

For our morning subjects, we are generally upstairs poring over books, reading and discussing together. In the afternoon, we transition to the basement for subjects such as math and language arts, where we have a nice big table to do our work on.

One of our music classrooms

Preschool at the pool

One of our current P.E. subjects is swimming

And last, but certainly not least, this is how we start our day. We gather in the living room to sing a hymn {this month we are learning 'O Worship the King}, read our Proverb for the day, do a devotional type Bible Study {we are currently studying Determination } and pray for many, many things. God has been so gracious to our family.

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness... Matthew 6:33

*Not pictured are the many service projects we are blessed to participate in, frequent play dates with our many friends, serving people in our home, field trips {we have a BIG one coming up}, Cub Scout group, speech club, and many more.
Life is our classroom.


  1. Hollie~what a great school and great way to educate your children. When they go to the library, clubs scouts or boy scout they are not being isolated from other children. You are a great teacher and Bob is a great principal and guest speaker. I am so proud to have you for a granddaughter and Bob for a grandson. What great grandchildren Jim And I have. Love you and thank you for posting "School Day's for the Feickert Boys"

  2. Looks like you all have a ton of fun in school! Love the teacher's lounge...I'll have to remember that for the future.;D

  3. Hollie,
    I have home school memories and envy (a little bit!)
    Thanks for sharing your sweet kids with the world. I do love your Teachers Lounge...

  4. I love the ominous sound of "another bookshelf after NCHEA." How fun! I hope we do too....(-: