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2Samuel 22:47

23 March 2010

Family Reunions {Part Two}

Friday was the day our family got to spend time with my Dad's side. The morning started out with a trip to my Uncle Bob's home. He owns a paintball field and business on his acreage. The boys weren't the least bit interested in paintball - they just happened to bring their camo gear with them! {ha ha!} Grampa Bill, the older 3 of our guys, Bob and Uncle Bob got busy playing and shooting and doing paintball things. Unfortunately for Langston, he was too little and missed out on all the fun. He did, however, get to make a Starbucks run with his Mom while the guys did their target practice.

{Serious Fun}

Uncle Bob was so great and patient with Ryland. Here he is showing him how to hold the gun correctly and shoot. This visit was definitely a highlight for the boys!

After Uncle Bob's, we followed my Dad past the scenic Skagit Valley tulip and daffodil fields on our way to the quaint little town of La Conner, WA. The daffodils were in bloom and the tulips were threatening to begin their magnificent display. There are millions of blooms that light up this whole section of the county during April. It is amazing and one of my very favorite places/times in the whole world.

After a delicious lunch at the Calico Cupboard, we drove out towards Anacortes and up Mt. Erie. From the top of the mountain we were able to hike just a ways to enjoy scenic views of the San Juans, Canada, Whidbey Island and other parts of the Puget Sound. We also were able to see all the fields of yellow below- which were the daffodil fields we had just driven by.

This in one of the views from the mountaintop- looking out towards Whidbey Island and Deception Pass.

We then headed into Burlington where we met up with more family. My Dad and Auntie Sue were able to gather together all of my cousins from Auntie Sue and Uncle Bill's family, plus their spouses and children. We were very excited and humbled that everyone would travel and take the time to come and see us. It was really, really neat. Here above is a picture of my niece, Chloe'. {Our boys were very excited to get to see the same cousins from the previous day, as Heidi was able to make it up to Burlington this evening as well}

We met Trevor and Megan's little Kaylie. She was so much fun to hold and just a doll! This was the first opportunity we had to meet Megan since she and Trev were married and we were thrilled to get to see their cute family. Ty and his kids, Tucker and Tia, were at this gathering, along with Marla. Cousin Traci and her husband, Pete, along with their three daughters also made the drive up to visit. It was so great to see all of them - humbling is the only word I can really use to describe how we felt that everyone could come for a visit.

{Auntie Sue and Hollie}


{Trevor and Kaylie}

{Auntie Sue and Uncle Bill}

It was a huge blessing to be with Auntie Sue and Uncle Bill after praying so much for Uncle Bill when he had major heart surgery a few months ago. We are so thankful for God's faithfulness in bringing him through it all.

{Bob, Ryland and Heidi - air hockey}

I realized after going through the pictures from this night that I missed a few people- namely Grampa Bill. However, I do know he was kept awful busy chasing Langston around Chuck-E-Cheese the entire evening.

{Hollie and Heidi}
It has been a whirlwind week...

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  1. Just couldn't go to bed without looking at your blog~sure enough you had posted part Two. You have sure had a lot of fun with all the relatives. Will talk to you when you get home. Hope you aren't snowed for long. Love Gramma