The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

12 June 2011

Family Night at Camp and Home {safely} Home

Friday night was Family Night at Boy Scout camp. We were all very excited to go see where Braden had been camping all week long and hear from him what he'd been up to.

He was waiting for us at the archery range located just across the road from the parking lot. The littler brothers went running as Braden walked toward us. The reunion was so sweet. I'm just glad I was able to locate the camera in time, as I wasn't prepared to find Braden so easily.

After the brothers announced dibs on hugs I got into the action, too.

"Mom, I took a shower just before you got here. It was my second shower of the week. I knew you'd appreciate it."

The thoughtfulness moved me in ways a mother of boys can only be moved.

So touching!

We got a quick tour of part of the camp before heading over to the Parade Grounds and Chow Hall. I thought it was the Dining Hall, but if you are a cool Boy Scout Mom you refer to it as the boys do. Chow Hall.

Other than witnessing a boy amputate his finger just before knife safety class (!) and having his wallet stolen, he had a really great week. The whole wallet thing is so disappointing as one of the characteristics of a Boy Scout is trustworthy. A sign of our times, unfortunately.

Braden received 11 letters and one package {Auntie Laura, you ROCK!} and was so grateful for each note. His Mom is thankful, too, for the mail you sent him.

Thank you.

Braden showed us the campsite in which he has resided for the last week. Here is the outdoor kitchen where he fixed many meals.

{By the way, for the rest of the summer he has been assigned dinner over the firepit here at home. Rumor has it he can make some killer fajitas in the Dutch Oven.}

Some of the 'beautiful' landscaping just out the front door, only door I guess, of his tent. We call this species of plant Poison Ivy. It was everywhere.

Home away from Home.

This week at camp changed my son. Not only has he come home 10 shades darker, but he also seems to have put on about 5 years to his age.

Lowering of the flags before supper.


I have to wonder how my Boy Scout survived on serving sizes this small all week long. No wonder he was so excited to cook his own meals over the fire!

The Chow Hall. Okay, just kidding. Just a really cute, abandoned home that sits on the highway around camp.

We celebrated his safe return with much prayer and praise and gratitude Saturday evening and topped all that off with homemade sundaes.

Welcome home, Braden!

And a HUGE thank you to all our friends and family who were praying for Braden {and his Mom} last week. We are so thankful for all our prayer warriors and humbled by your love as well.


  1. How encouraging it must be to see your son growing in maturity (and to see he survived his week with all his fingers intact!).

    I'm curious -- how is the boy who did NOT survive with all his fingers??

    Way to go, Braden (and Mom!), on surviving and enjoying the week :)

    Btw, I take it that your family is finally done with the throw-up bucket??

  2. I think Braden must of grown inches. I'm so glad to hear that he enjoyed his camping. By the way, I see two thumbs and only seven fingers!! What happened!! Love Gramma