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2Samuel 22:47

03 June 2011

Family Picture {in which this Mom is included}

We did it! We really, finally did it. A family picture in which all six of us are included! It has been over 3 years since this has happened. To top it all off, we are only {almost} halfway through the year and I can now check one thing off of my '2011 goals' list.

I'm on a roll.

Our sweet and incredibly talented friend, Jodi, took some time out of her Sunday to hang out with this crazy bunch for a bit. I wasn't sure it was going to work out because it was pouring rain as we left for church last Sunday. . .and then just before picture time the sun came out and there was not a cloud in the sky. It was so bright out that now the problem was the sun - but, we managed, squinty eyes and all. Proof that there really is a Mom in this family since I'm usually the one behind the camera.

Jodi asked me what it is like being the only lady in a family of all boys. Then she took this picture:

That pretty much sums it up, you know the whole 'a picture is worth a thousand words' motto.

And then she started snapping some very serious pictures of my handsome young men...

See Braden, gazing into his future {which means Scout camp this week}

Tarver looking wistful and mature. . .

And Ryland - oh dear, Ryland. What more can I say?

Langston taking a cue from #3 and thinking about being a wee-bit mischievous for the camera. . .

And then thinking better of it. {Whew!}

{Us! All of us!}

{I think this is my favorite}

And then Ryland wanted to show Teacher Jodi a trick he can do with the swings.


Thank you, Jodi! Hoping to make this an annual event. . .


  1. YEA! What an accomplishment!! We don't take family pics often enough here, either! :)

    I think you and your family are adorable!! Enjoy your summer!

  2. Great pics! Very handsome boys you have!

  3. Such sweet pics!!! Jodi did a great job!

  4. What great pictures. What a handsome group. Love Gramma

  5. I cannot believe it!!! Great pictures of the six of you! I'm lucky to even get one picture of my TWO kids, let alone four kids (and BOYS at that!) So now you'll have three more years to wait until the next great shot. haha : )

    (p.s. I can't seem to comment through my google account anymore, but at least I can still comment!)