The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

28 November 2010


Great Illness.
Great Guys
Great Job
and Great Wall
{the story of my life, since Wednesday evening}

I was completely swept off my feet by a very sudden illness early Wednesday night. I slept through Thanksgiving {can you believe it?} and missed it. Completely. My great family didn't miss a beat and picked up where I had left off. . .cooking a great turkey and all the fixins I didn't quite get to on Wednesday afternoon.

They even made potatoes and gravy. Gravy without lumps! They set the table. With placemats. They are my heroes.

Even with having to celebrate a guys only Thanksgiving, the older boys and their Dad had enough energy to get up before the sun on Friday morning to do some super shopping at their favorite farm-and-garden store and hardware store. And then they went grocery shopping and came home to make breakfast for everyone.
Do you know how much I love this crew?

They really are my heroes.

One more great before I wrap up in the greatness of a Sunday afternoon, the first Sunday of advent. . .
The Great Wall with a K'nex flair.

So happy with their attention to detail, being wider at the base than the top. Since we couldn't figure out how to make a mountainous terrain the boys were at a loss of how to make some of the steps on the wall high {thanks for the input, Lesley!}. . .but had a great time planning and executing this project.

The length of our wall? Two-and-a-half Rylands long.


  1. What a great group of guys you have! There must be something going around because half my family was down with sickness on Thanksgiving too.
    The boy's Great Wall looks amazing too!! Nice job guys! Next you can start training for the Great Wall Marathon they hold on the Great Wall. ;)

  2. What amazing, amazing men. Hope you are feeling better! Love the K'nex!