The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

07 November 2010

Help Wanted

A wise woman once counseled me in the area of child training and child raising regarding teaching children to learn to work - and well.

Her basic message to me was that I needed to try and work myself out of a job. Teach my children how to do most {all} household jobs and do them properly. I treasure the wisdom of older women and am so thankful for their investment in my life.

As a side note, I have learned that is valuable and fun to teach them as early as possible. Even when my kiddos were 9 or 10 months old they were learning to pick up toys and I would even plop them in the middle of the laundry pile and let them "fold" while we conversed.
I'm so thankful for the fruit that comes from training - and I know the rewards are just starting. So thankful for this cutie who helped to make biscuits with me the other night!


  1. He is a cutie! With a very wise mom and dad!


  2. They're all adorable pictures. (-:

  3. I have the exact same wheat grinder :) Way to go! You're a great example for involving kids in your work and teaching them to work. Thanks for this reminder!

  4. Looks like Langston had his Union Pacific badge on,so he must of just finished his shift down at the depot.What a trooper to put a full shift in and come home to help make biscuits......atta boy !!!!! Luv G/Bill