The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

19 November 2010

One-on-one time. . love it!

Dad got to take the older two brothers to work with him this afternoon and Langston happened to be napping when he got called in to work, so. . .

I seized this opportunity to do some baking with our animated four-year old, Ry-man. Conversation was great {and humorous} and we made a cranberry pie and a batch of crockpot applesauce together.

{Yes, he's in snow bibs and a tank top. He's four and at this age I've learned that it's easiest to only insist on Sunday clothing on Sunday. Anything and everything goes for the stay-at-home-days in between!}

I love these quiet times, when hearts are unguarded and open. It is so important to check-in with my sons every now and then {I wish it were more often!} and find out how things are going in their lives. I learn so much in this kind of productive quietness.

Today I learned that Ryland wants to grow up to be a policeman-cowboy-missionary-pastor-security guard-applesauce making bakery owner when he grows up.

I also learned he's pretty good with a knife these days and was substantial help with chopping apples. He's also grown a foot since the last time I was able to stop and really look at him. I hate how fast that happens!

After he finished his first bowl of apples I asked if he'd like to wash up and play. And I learned that he is also growing into a fine young man, as he replied "I'd really like to play, Mom, but I think I should keep chopping apples with you until the job is done."
I needed that encouragement today, that we are on the right track in raising our sons to be men of God seeking after His character. Diligence. Love it.
I also learned that Ryland's sense of humor is just as sharp as ever, and a great Mom ranks as high as a fresh apple to eat. I love this kid!
"It's pretty great having a Mom who knows what to do in the kitchen!"
"And having a Mom is the best thing ever."
"And eating apples is pretty great, too."


  1. He's precious and sounds like a sweet little guy! ;)

    I have that Pampered Chef stone pie dish - LOVE it! Sounds like your kitchen endeavors have a yummy payoff, too! ;)

  2. He's a cutie! Looks like you had some great kitchen help. And I loved the list of what he's going to be when he grows up...sounds like he'll be busy!

  3. One - I'd love to have your crockpot applesauce recipe.

    Two - Ryland is one ambitious, goal-oriented young man who is going to accomplish an awful lot in his life!

    Three - Thanks for the reminder to be purposeful about one-on-one time -- it's been neglected the past couple weeks at our house. But it's too important - I need to get back to that....

  4. Ryland does look taller than during my Oct. visit,even though he is on a stool. Has he been out at the swing and using the trapeze bar to lengthen his body?? An afternoon hanging on it and swinging back and forth would surely stretch the boy out.Plus eating all the homemade cooking does a body good. Love to all Dad/GBill