The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

17 January 2011

A Date With. . .

My craft corner. Sometimes, I just need to go and put paper with paper and make something pretty. It happens a lot in the winter.

A steaming cup of tea and my favorite slippers are necessary companions. Quietness is a rare treat in this home. I love the bustle and blessing of energy that unfolds within the walls of our home every minute of every day- but sometimes my head and heart yearn for the thinking kind of quiet.

Withdrawing to the quiet of my craft corner is how I can re-energize and find focus again. Creation always needs a purpose, and the other night I just had to make something for a dear friend. After years of praying for another baby to grace her arms, she has just found out that she will be Momma, for the third time, this summer.

Wall art and bookmark for her Bible seemed appropriate. And these words from the book of Samuel were the first to pop into my heart when she shared the news.

This week my Mom will celebrate a birthday and so I also set to work creating some sewing themed items for her. If you know of my Mom, you will know how appropriate the sewing theme is for her.

These little sewing machine tags should be perfect for her to attach to her sewing projects when she offers them for sale.

I'm so thankful for my husband who understands this need for me to get away and create and plugs in my electric foot heater so I don't freeze in my craft corner. He also puts my little guys to bed {bath and all!} and keeps the older boys safe in the workshop as they spend time working on their crafts. I guess we all have a bit of creating to get out in this family!
How are you spending these long, cold winter days?


  1. Ooo, I love the brown and green "For this child" card! You are so creative. :)

    These days...I read lots, work of the computer lots, and do lots of schoolwork. That pretty much sums it up. :)

  2. How creative you are. I know your mother will love her tags. I'm sure your friend will also. Why wouldn't they!!

    I have been busy trying to finish up on a friends genealogy. I have found so much for him and worked so much on his ancestors I feel like I know them. Today I am resting. It has caught up with me and I am tired. Love Gramma