The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

14 January 2011

Free Time Addiction

When weekend plans get de-railed, and we find ourselves on an alternate route and I am fighting with myself to not push to-do lists into our free weekend and let this weekend be just that -


This is the activity of choice. For every member of my family {except when I stop to take pictures of the quietness in our home.}

We are a family with serious book addictions.
And since our selections aren't fluffy and stress character, virtue, adventure and true education, I am really okay with this addiction.

This is our 'school' basket - these are the books we are journeying through as a family this week.
{There are more, trust me there are many more. . .this is just our upstairs basket!}

Our end-table reading basket, for just picking something up and reading in a spare moment. Or so I have something to offer our guests when they sit in our home, to go along with coffee. {As if!}

Ryland's corner of choice this afternoon.

My to-do pile on my nightstand. I seriously need to pretty up my nightstand pile.

And as if I needed any more books, our mail lady delivered these gems just this afternoon. My 'to-read' list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer. . .

I know there are a few other book addicts out there- please tell me, what are you reading this winter? What are your children enjoying?


  1. What am I reading?!?!?! Oh my. That's a big question. :) First though, Tarver's position in the second picture looked like something I'd do. :)
    Okay. I just finished a GREAT book called "Keeper of the Light" by Patty Metzer. Then I'm reading "Just Jane" by Nancy Moser, "Hood" and "Scarlet" by Stephen R. Lawhead, "Instead of Three Wishes" by Megan W. Turner (not great), and that's the majority. :) For now. :)

  2. I had a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas from someone. I got Great Expectations :)

  3. I am 'borrowing' a Christmas gift that was given to Hubby, "Great American Short Stories". Good reading at bedtime!
    A couple of the boys got Ballantyne for Christmas, the girls got a Father Brown mystery, some westerns (Louis L'amour), and Gracie got a couple of Vision Forum fiction. Hmmm, Josh got a Pyle book which he is not getting into, and Peter got Sugar Creek Gang. Rick hit the book bonanza with half a dozen books from the Shackleton story, a book on an Israeli war, to westerns, and more.
    Besides, Grandpa gave everyone Barnes and Noble gift cards. : ) Maybe I will use it for one of the books on your nightstand list. Fun, fun, fun!

  4. I'm in the middle of 'One Man's Destiny' about Abraham .Before that was 'A Town Like Alice' that has Australia.England,Malaya during WWII and after.Then 'Cast up By The Sea 'wrote in 1858 England ,Africa and the sea.Also, Isaiah study in BSF.It is fascinating, and I use my Annals of the World alot in my study( thanks Family Feickerts for that gift.) Love Dad/Granpa Bill