The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

18 January 2011


{Otherwise known as the episode in which I lost my invitation to decorate the guys' workshop. Oh, wait. . .I wasn't invited in the first place. Yes, the night I interfered with the excitement of getting a new bandsaw for the workshop!}
Tarver, practicing his sarcasm skills. Also his 'freak-mom-out-'cause-she's-sure-we'll-cut-our-fingers-off' skills. {Psst. . .fake blood would help, Tarver!}

I'm not exactly sure why my husband wasn't excited when I crashed the new bandsaw party and announced I had something for them to hang up in the shop. Sweet of him to put up the housewarming, or shopwarming, gift I made for my guys anyway. {I haven't checked back to see if it still hangs. . .}

I have to admit, though, I am warming up to the idea of more finger-threatening power tools around here as I hear plans for garden benches, book shelves and various kitchen blocks.

The Mom in me will always be a bit protective over these fingers, though. I had to leave my influence in the workshop or it just wouldn't have felt very mom-ish of me!


  1. It's very weird, I know, but I have a feeling my dad and brother would lvoe that machine. Don't ask why. ;)

  2. Moms are absolutely no fun!

    I bet that bandsaw is going to result in lots of great male bonding time :)

  3. A Great new addition to the shop,with many hours of woodshop skills to develop and I'm sure Bob puts safety foremost in any projects that they start.Hollie,it is nice to put safety signs up and that shows loving concern just stop short of putting gingham curtains up in their "Man Cave" hehehe ..LLuv Dad/GBill