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2Samuel 22:47

22 March 2011

How to bake a cake with Dad

First thing: forget almost everything about what it's like baking with your Mom.
She has never, ever considered the wonderful possibilities that can happen when you start baking a cake with graph paper. Or three sheets of graph paper for that matter.

Do ask for her help, though, when you can't remember if you need to froth the egg whites before adding the powdered sugar when making mortar for the cabin on your cake.
You've never made a cake with a cabin? Hmmm. . .

Use a ruler. Another thing Mom didn't teach you. Well, except in the case of checking the thickness of biscuits.

Think. . .Daniel Defoe. Another idea Mom would not have had and can be attributed to baking in the kitchen with Dad.

Check your graph paper often.

Pay attention to the slightest details (another non-Mom trick. I would have just put tree on my graph paper, if I had thought of graph paper.)

I actually was thinking more along the lines of Island of the Blue Dolphins than Robinson Crusoe until Tarver pointed out that this was a steak cooking on the spit and not abelones.

Besides that, the pretzel fence doesn't really resemble the whalebone fence in Island. And there is no evidence of Rontu anywhere.

Great job on your cake decorating, guys! I am so proud of your culinary skills (even if you learned nothing from me on this particular project) and can't wait to see all of the entries at tonight's Blue Gold Cub Scout Banquet with Father-Son cake baking contest.
I'm most excited to stick a fork in your creation, but that sounded a little forward.

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  1. I vote for the boys helping you make an Island of the Blue Dolphins cake :)