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2Samuel 22:47

29 March 2011

Neighborhood Treasure

We were greatly blessed by our neighbors this past weekend. They shared pictures, stories and history of Turkey with us from their personal archive from the two years they lived there. It was such a great time of enrichment to go along with our Middle East studies the last couple of weeks.

Ryland took good notes, too. He correctly identified a Roman aqueduct in one of the slides, but his pressing question of the night was, "Did you get arrested while in Turkey?"

As if seeing the ruins in Ephesus and pictures from the Hagai Sophia weren't enough for adventure.

So. . .working on tact. Always working.

{By the way, the answer is NO}

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  1. What an adventure that must of been seeing all the ruins and pictures. I bet the boys had a great time seeing all of that. I know they love history. Love gramma