The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation
2Samuel 22:47

27 October 2011

Attempting . . .

Our Christmas Card picture.
Enough said?!

I love taking pictures of kids -
especially the kind that belong to those other than me.
How is it I can get a great picture of another family but it's so hard when it comes to my own

Take one . . .

Take two . . .

Take twenty-two . . .

This is more like what I was hoping for!

Adding a cat for full family effect :-)

After what seemed like a very long time I finally gave up on the large group shot and went for more manageable chunks of my kids. 

Maybe we'll try again tomorrow!


  1. I'm not sure the Toliver children will be any easier, Hollie :) Your boys look adorable though - and I think that years from now when our kids are grown and know how to put on a proper smile, we'll look wistfully at these realistic pictures and say, "Aww, remember when???" :)

  2. No matter what!! They are who they are!! I love everyone of the pictures. The one of Ry whispering in Langston ear!!.
    A few years from now you'll look at the pictures and say, OOOOOOOOOOOOOO, how cute.

    Your Mom pic's that you sent came through great. Thanks. Love you Gramma

  3. My GOSH I just can't get over Braden looking so grown up.

    And I love the way Langstons hair is combed but sticks up at the back :D