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2Samuel 22:47

04 October 2011

Fall Decorating with a Practical Twist

  Here’s my fall decorating tip for the month of October:  a nice sharp spade right by the front door. 
 It helps if it’s already stained with snake blood from helping your neighbor
 decapitate one last weekend.

  Rarely do I ever wish for January weather, but I am welcoming {almost} anything that will help me survive the snake infestation in our area the last couple of weeks.
At least I feel prepared to walk out to the mailbox with my spade in hand.
And I don't find it the least bit humorous that these pests have made themselves at home in our front garden.
Not funny at all.
Eve's Daughter


  1. We have a 5 ft rattlesnake skin drying right now from one they killed at the Center...would you like me to donate that to your bloody shovel decor? :)

  2. Sure glad we don't have rattler's in our area. Grampa would freak out. He use to pick them up and chase his sister will them. He threw one at Bette and he sure got surprised!! She picked the snake up and threw it at Grampa and it wrapped around his neck. To this day he can't even watch them on T.V. Tell the boys that story. Love Gramma